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QUIZ: Answer These 7 Questions And We’ll Tell You What Holiday Fits You Best

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Now that we’re well into 2019, it’s time to start planning your next big holiday. But let’s be honest; holiday planning can be pretty stressful, and it all starts from deciding where you’re going to be leaving Malta to holiday in.

So many choices.

Are you looking for something action-packed, or relaxing? Somewhere popular, or somewhere off the trodden path?

It can be a tough choice to make. But don’t worry, we’re teaming up with SISU Tours to help you make that decision.

Just answer these seven questions and we’ll suggest the perfect holiday for you!

Well, wasn’t that easy?

And you don’t even need to worry about planning your holiday, because SISU Tours have that bit covered! Just head on over to their website and read up on your ideal holiday; you can book through them and they’ll handle everything else – from flights to museums to meals.

You can even check out what other tours they have on offer and see if any of those call your name a little louder.

You can find your suggested tour over on SISU’s website

Alongside their other packages. Their tours include trips such as a holiday to London during the winter to get your fill of Christmas shopping done whilst also checking out all the beautiful sights and lights on display.

London Sisu 0073 1

Or if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing; they have various tours to Italian cities, quaint villages, and the gorgeous countryside. Their Toscana and Liguria tour is ideal for anyone looking for a peaceful escape.

And with Easter just around the corner, their Easter tour to Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta looks like its sure to be a dream; the perfect balance between city sightseeing and a chance to explore the great outdoors. Including a trip to explore actual medieval castles and villages.

Marche Sisu D6 1584 1

And if you’re not one for organised group tours, SISU even offer tailor-made travel packages. So get your family and friends together and hit SISU up for a holiday made just for you!

Sisu tours is a young and dynamic company, gaining momentum fast in their respective industry, all thanks to the reviews of travellers who have had the pleasure of going on a trip with them. Treating all those on the trip like ‘guests not tourists’.

Marche Sisu D7 351 1

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