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QUIZ: Are You Malta’s Biggest Fashionista? Prove It And You Could Win Cash

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Anyone with a passion for fashion knows how important payday is at the end of the month. And with such a small size and hardly any rain all throughout the year, Malta is the best place for fashionistas to strut their stuff. If you think you can go one stop further and actually put your knowledge of fashion to the test, Quizando‘s latest quiz is the perfect opportunity.

The Fashion Logos Quiz promises 20 questions which will test what you know about the most popular fashion brands in the world, providing you with “the images of the top fashion houses’ logos”, as Quizando puts it. Name them before the clock runs out, and you can get a cash prize for very little effort! Count us in (and fabulous). 

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Are you ready? Click here!

Good luck (and good strut).

Tag a fashionista friend who thinks they can ace this!

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