Rabbit Belly, Lampuki Ravioli, And Quail Stuffed With Foie Gras - This Restaurant In Salina Has One Impressive Menu

Giuseppi's Bar & Bistro's inventive take on Maltese ingredients proves classics can be reinvented

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Malta is blessed with some truly delectable resources from the land and sea.

Between the marine bounties brought in by local fishermen and the fresh crops cut by Maltese and Gozitan farmers, innovative chefs and kitchens have the resources they need to create the perfect dinner for you.

With that in mind, it is no wonder Giuseppi's Bar and Bistro in Salina changes its menu every day.

Chris Diacono And Michael Diacono

Chris Diacono, restaurant director, co-owner and nephew of Chef-Patron Michael Diacono, explained how Giuseppi's orders fresh local produce daily, giving the team a welcome challenge to get creative and work with what the land and sea offers them.

Flavours, textures, and combinations are explored by the team at Giuseppi's who work to tantalise your palate with the incredible ingredients brought in fresh every day.

With an idyllic seaside setting, easy accessibility, and ample parking, it can even feel like you are dining abroad when at Giuseppi's.

The interior decor and outdoor ambiance will make you feel right at home

The epic Greco-nautical stylings of the interior and the summery, upscale Maltese ambience of the outdoor dining area will put you right into the fine-dining vibe.

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And one look at the bar will have you thirsty for something special

They make one mean gin sour, and their whisky selection is very much on point.

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But the food is where Giuseppi's really turns it up a notch

Check out some of their impressive takes on Maltese classics.

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Crispy rabbit bellies

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Quail ‘en croute’ stuffed with spinach, foie gras and hazelnuts baked in rosemary shortcrust pastry

The kitchen's creativity knows no bounds - that's why they are serving smoked eel with air-dried speck and burrata

This is exactly the type of dish that gets people who don't like fish excited about seafood.

The umami-ness of the eel, the creaminess of the mozzarella, and the richness of the speck along with the sharp kick of the dressing creates an incredibly well-balanced taste explosion on your palate - and will have you asking for more eel throughout the night.

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Giuseppi's excels in serving the freshest fish and seafood in interesting ways

While they have some seriously gourmand dishes (veal sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms on a bed of barley anyone?) you need to try out their fish and seafood offerings.

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But they still take their meat very seriously

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And you'll definitely be ending on a sweet note, what with the homemade mqaret with honey and homemade doughnut balls slathered with pistachio cream

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Fresh local produce means the menu changes on a daily basis

So fret not if any of the above specific dishes are unavailable...Chef Michael always has something special up his sleeve. If you leave it to Chris and his team to guide you, you won't regret it.

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And if the food weren’t enough of a tantalising experience in itself (note: it is), the service will leave you feeling properly regal

The staff are super helpful and their grasp of wine pairing, food specials and preferred choices is on point. And whilst the place has a ‘casual-smart’ feel to it, the service provided definitely has an ‘upscale’ feel.

The staff changes your crockery wearing white gloves, wine and water glasses never go dry, and the music is an eclectic blend of Chris' and Michael’s characters that complements the food, décor and service perfectly. Oh, and if you forgot your specs at home and can’t read the menu, out comes a box of spectacles…

Chris is always at hand to make sure customers are kept happy and satisfied, and the attention to detail, ranging from the décor to ensuring all plates leaving the kitchen are aesthetically flawless, is a pleasure to witness.

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Oh, and did we mention parking is a serious breeze?

There are at least five carparks to choose from - seriously.

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