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Seven Reasons Why You Should Track Your Transport In Malta

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A new and modern way of tracking your company’s assets in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner has just been launched – and it could change the way you run your company going forward.

CyberPass have redesigned CyberTrak, a powerful new telematics platform that will make tracking your vehicle fleet easier than ever before.

The system has been redesigned using the latest user experience trends. It aims to enhance this experience whilst respecting the lessons learned from the past. 

Using a live map on any enabled device, you can check how fast your vehicles are travelling, where they are heading, any stops they’ve made, and so much more making it simple to have a complete visual of your goods in transit.

Features such as geofencing and geotagging have become much easier to use; report extraction is much faster and live vehicle movement much smoother.
There is a fully integrated fleet management module to log all aspects of your vehicle from parts to servicing and a driver behaviour module which displays harsh cornering, braking and acceleration. It’s truly an all in one system incorporating all the latest technologies.

Here are seven reasons why you need to start monitoring your transport if you haven’t already started. 

1. You can access your fleet from anywhere, any time of the day.

Whether you’ve got one important delivery a day or hundreds of constantly moving vehicles, you’ll now be able to know the live location and speed of all of them.

Not bad, considering you can literally be chilling at home and just watching your company get busy via your mobile phone.

2. And you can monitor important details such as refrigeration.

Temperature sensors facilitate the visibility of the cargo ensuring that it not only arrives on time but also at the right temperature. Over-the-air SMS alerts ensure that the cold chain continues to be monitored even off premises. Perishable goods are delivered at the right temperature.

3. Fully integrated logistics module

Designed to be of support from warehouse to warehouse, it offers a running process of an order up to delivery – visually and in real time. Exception reporting makes it easy for you to engage with your personnel if a delivery was missed without having to sift through all the activities of the whole fleet.

4. You’ll be able to increase profits while reducing fuel costs.

This module helps you monitor where, when, and how much fuel was filled into the tank; it detects manipulations with fuel and, consequently, reduces your operating transport costs by helping you to manage your fuel consumption per kilometre.


5. Higher security detail and better control of your assets is a great bonus as well.

Cash in transit by security vans can prove to be a nightmare. With this software your valuable cargo is secure through constant visibility of your vans which can also be equipped with panic buttons.

6.The software can be used for a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to logistics and cabs.

If it moves on wheels, it can be tracked and if it doesn’t, you can use the same system to monitor cold stores and server rooms.


7. Best of all, you’ve got the expertise and support of a professional and reliable company.

There’s a reason why CyberPass has developed a strong reputation in Malta when it comes to mixing technology and company operations.

Founded in 2001 under the guidance of Anthony Farrugia, Cyberpass has been focused on innovating endlessly, always striving to deliver a better product for their clients year in year out.

Their latest version has already become part and parcel of several Maltese companies’ operations, and if you are managing any number of vehicles on a regular basis, this could be an integral asset to your business.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits CyberTrak might have for your company, just click on the following link.

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