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This Maltese Real Estate Agency’s Secret Weapon? Nationwide Specialists

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Buying property can either be super smooth-running and straightforward or a taxing challenge  – and most times, it’s all down to the real estate agent you choose.

We’ve all made the mistake of lumping all real estate agents in one bunch.

And doing so might put the months of work you put into finding your ideal home to waste. When we’re talking about real estate agents, there are two major categories that they can fall under – generalists and specialists – and RE/MAX Malta’s here to tell you which one’s better.


But before we get into that, what’s the difference between the two?

It’s pretty straightforward. Generalist estate agents are professionals whose listings include literally anything. These can range from high-end luxurious villas to semi-detached townhouses – if it’s available, they’ll sell it.

Oftentimes, generalists in the real estate industry are just looking to make their next sale, so their advice isn’t always extremely reliable.

On the other hand, we’ve got specialist estate agents.

Quite simply, these are the direct opposites of generalists. Specialist estate agents choose a property niche to focus on, and from that point on, center their work around just that.

If you haven’t yet figured it out, all of RE/MAX Malta’s estate agents are trained to specialise.

This company’s agents choose an area, property type, sometimes even a price band, and become professionals in their very own niche.

“By specialising, an agent creates a captive market for themselves, and they’ll get to know their listings like the back of their hand,” RE/MAX Malta COO Jeff Buttigieg told Times of Malta.

“With a specialised agent, you’re already 10 steps ahead in the process because they can make immediate connections between the right buyer and the right seller.”

The benefits that stem from RE/MAX’s agents’ specialisation impact both buyers and sellers.

If you’re selling a property, the probability is that a RE/MAX specialised agent already has a buyer in mind for you; likewise, if you’re buying a property, this company’s agents are for more likely to have the ideal property in store for you.

“An agent who can fully specialise is the ideal, but the property market in Malta is too small for that to be a reality.”

“Instead, our agents specialise for about 70 percent of their business – but that’s not to say that the other 30 percent is without specialist input,” Buttigieg continued.

Let’s face it, there aren’t two property buyers that will have the exact same requirements – but with RE/MAX’s specialist agents, you can expect tailor-made service that will guide you through every step of the property buying process.

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