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Renovating Your House In Malta? Here Are 7 Things You Absolutely Need To Keep In Mind

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Renovating a space can be pretty stressful; especially if that space is your house. You probably have a really clear image of what you want the end result to look like, but things aren’t always smooth sailing.

From dealing with third parties and structural obstacles to trying to manage your budget, it can be pretty easy to find yourself feeling like this:

But if you’re about to head off on this journey of home-renovation, fret not. We’ve teamed up with CS Group to create the ultimate tip-list when it comes to making sure things go as smoothly as they possibly could.

1. Finalise a contract before you start any work

The contract will help you to establish timelines, payment terms and penalties; for all parties involved. This will help you avoid disappointment and will put a procedure in place should anything go awry.

2. Create a plan of action

Before any work begins, create your own plan of action; set deadlines, create an order for works to be done in, list down contacts, create a mood board. Keep everything you might need in one place so that you can refer back to it whenever you need.

3. Establish a point of reference

Make sure you’re only corresponding with one company that can look after it all when it comes to your renovation. This will avoid messages getting lost or confused as you’ll only be communicating with one entity, who will then communicate with all third parties for you.

4. Make sure somebody is available for daily inspections

Somebody should be tasked with checking in on the site every day to make sure things are going well.  This way you can be rest assured that progress is happening, and you won’t have to take too much leave. When taking on a turnkey this is already included, phew!

5. Use high-quality materials and qualified skilled workers

It may be tempting to try and cut some costs at the start, but it’s better to spend now than later. Using high-quality material and ensuring you got skilled workers will limit things going wrong in the future and having to spend even more money to get repairs done.

6. Keep an eye on the weather

We’re heading into the colder months, so that means wind and rain. It might seem obvious however, most materials, such as paint and plaster, need time to dry even if the place is sheltered. If your works have been delayed even though we know you’re invested in getting the project done as soon as possible, be patient and allow time.

7. Ask questions

It’s totally fine if you’re not sure what exactly is going on, but it’s important to keep informed. Ask your contracting company questions, both about what’s going on and what still needs to be done. Make sure deadlines are being met and check back in with the checklist that you made at the start.

BONUS: Spread the word

This is more for those people working than for you – but labour work is very often underestimated. So if you’re happy with the work that your contracting company carried out, spread the word and give them the praise they deserve.

CS Group Limited has become a recognized company in the construction, finishes and property industries

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The people over at CS Group will help you implement all of the tips we listed above

And they’ll take a whole load of stress off your hands by handling most of it themselves.

CS Group provide a wide variety of services

From alterations, electrical and plumbing works, to decorative finishes, iron and woodwork, and so much more. Check out their website for more information and to get in touch for a consultation.

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