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QUIZ: Benefits To Drinking Purified Water In Malta You Didn’t Know About

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In this day and age, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of reducing plastic waste. As the main source of pollution and litter affecting the environment globally, things like plastic bottles of water need to be phased out.

One alternative with more benefits than one may realise is purified water.

Using reverse osmosis (RO) is not a foreign concept in Malta, the idea of using reverse osmosis has been around for many years now and has proved to be the safest and most economical way of having purified drinking water at home or work.

Many have concerns that RO systems waste a lot of water however today systems with better, inbuilt pumps can ensure no water is wasted as the ‘return’ water which is clean can be diverted to roof tanks and/or wells and therefore companies with a lot of experience and good quality RO systems will ensure your water wastage is zero.

As such, the main benefit of an RO is that you have an unlimited supply of pure water, all at the simple touch of a lever.

Yet, the benefits of using an RO are often not fully realised. Besides the convenience your cost of water per litre is drastically reduced making the savings over time quite substantial especially for larger families or office environments because the running costs are low and a standard Ecowater domestic machine will supply 100 litres of pure water per day!

You will also be able to enjoy water on-demand, no longer having to stress about having no more drinking water left in the house. 

This not only will save you storage space in your cupboards at home, but it also will save you from carrying heavy packs of bottled water whenever you have to go shopping.

Most of all though, from an environmental standpoint, you are helping to greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste being left in the world.

This is vitally important when you consider that plastic takes around 450 years to decompose – and even then, it is present in one form or another.

When it comes to being friendly towards the use of plastic, just how environmentally friendly are your behaviours for the environment? Find out below:

A & A Mizzi Ltd has spent over 30 years dealing with household goods and small domestic appliances. When they started importing ROs in early 2000, it became a matter of learning the business from scratch.

The company faced many challenges when it came to introducing it to Malta, from finding the right product suitable for Maltese homes to even convincing consumers to trust the safety and purity of ROs.

Yet, their focus on raising the awareness of how detrimental plastic bottles are to the environment and the long-term economic benefit of investing in a RO have helped make their campaign a successful one.

Not only that, but their ROs have built-in pumps that can pump water up to three stories to either a water tank or down to a well. Meaning that it is definitely friendly towards those living in flats as well, offering a product that is perfectly suitable for all Maltese consumers.

Now, they are happy to announce that after 20 years of experience, 2020 saw the establishment of a standalone company: Eco Water Ltd. This new company will strive “to focus 100% on providing the best product, price and service the Maltese consumer” can possibly hope for and offer the best product and after sales service todays consumers expect .

Over the coming years, it will be imperative for Malta to focus on sustainable investments such as that of households utilising ROs. Due to this, Eco Water Ltd is helping set the foundations for the future of drinking water on our island.

With any luck, the future will look brighter with more families and businesses using reverse osmosis and the need to buy and dispose of plastic bottles onto the environment will decrease.

Would you use reverse osmosis? Let us know in the comments

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