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From A Service To A New Coat Of Paint, This Maltese Company Will Pick Your Car Up And Get It Done

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Everyone needs a little bit of TLC and downtime. Fortunately, this weeks-long quasi-lockdown has given people just that, with many taking the time to focus on self-improvement. But while you’re at it, don’t forget about your slumbering steed in the garage.

Maltese people have always had a massive dependency on their cars, and with everything being less than half an hour’s drive away at any given time, we sure get a lot of use out of our faithful vehicles. With the added need to use them so much, though, people rarely get enough long stretches of time for services and maintenance. Soon enough, taking your car to the repair shop becomes an inconvenience.

Enter March 2020, given recent developments time spent on the road has become limited. So what better time to get your car fixed or finally give it that much-needed paint job, right from the comfort of your home.

Nowadays, the best service is one where you don’t have to leave the comfort and security of your home. And while you might think that would be impossible when it comes to a car, that’s where one of Malta’s premier roadside assistance companies comes in.

Say hello and thank you to RMF who will pick up your car and bring it back to your home, all at a very safe distance of course! 

Take this downtime as an opportunity to get your car up to scratch (and devoid of any scratches)… but let RMF handle the entire procedure.

Whether it’s an important annual service appointment or the long-standing plan of giving it that special coat of paint to round it all up, your car deserves the best a metal companion can get. And what better time than now?

RMF has extended its services in these trying times, and that essentially means one thing:

From the very first step to the very last, they’ll handle it all.

Just call them up on their Freephone 8007 2221, and watch as it all unfurls.

RMF will pick your car up from right outside your door (or wherever it may be), take care of any maintenance or repairs (that includes mechanical and bodywork), and return your car back to you.

“You can thank us from a metre away,” they cheekily add. Genius.

Being homebound doesn’t have to come without any pros, and this is definitely one of them.

Because if there ever was a time to stop postponing fixing that problem you’ve had for a while, how could it not be while everyone’s not using their cars on a daily basis?

Amidst all that, you can trust RMF to come in and save the day. And your car.

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