Things You Need To Stop Telling Students At MCAST

It's time to stop

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Thousands of students have passed through the hallowed doors of MCAST's multiple campuses across Malta and Gozo. Yet despite being one of the main educational institutions out there, people seem fixated with teasing those who go there and getting basic information wrong.

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MCAST: Expectation vs Reality

Hardworking students at MCAST are tired of this stigma, and want you to know what kind of abuse they go through on a daily basis. So here's a list of things that everyone in Malta needs to stop telling MCAST students.

And yes, that includes you.

1. "You're in MCAST? Mela ma dħaltx uni?"

The classic response upon hearing someone is enrolled in MCAST. It's like body-shaming of the mind. Casting doubt on a person's life choice is never a good way to start a conversation.

2. "Oh, so you're a painter"

Students at the Institute of Creative Arts in Mosta must've heard this a thousand times. If you go to a school offering courses in sculpting, performing arts, media & design, and fashion & retail, then you are probably a painter... right?

3. "So at MCAST you don't have exams? Only assignments?"

There are some beliefs that are not indicative of a mental deficit. Believing summer is better than winter, or that brisket isn't the best cut of beef, these are acceptable things to believe, even though you'd be wrong.

But believing students enrolled in a multi-year course will never have an exam, that's just plain ignorant. 

4. "Aw so, listen... you're gonna vote for SDM/Pulse ay?"

Training our students to be comfortable with tribal politics is half the reason we have compulsory education in Malta. While MCAST students are busy trying to study or just stay awake, there are those who are just trying to befriend them to use them for their votes.

It's like training for the real world.

5. "You're level 6? Uni is still better though, no?"

After at least six years of study, having people tell you a different course would have been better is as welcome as soggy toast that's fallen buttered-side down onto a mouldy carpet that your dog has just rubbed his butt on.

You are wrong, no-one wants to hear it, and if you are the person asking it, you should be embarrassed for yourself and the shame you have brought upon your family.

6. "Lesson's cancelled guys sorry..." at 8:00am and your next lesson is at 1pm

There is a specific term reserved for forcing students to wake up at like 6:30am, slowly grinding their souls down in severe traffic, and then cancelling on them as they finally sit at their desk. Well, at least you can plan to meet your friends super easily with the newly-improved FreeHour app

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