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WIN: Convenient AF! This Birkirkara Store’s New Website Will Cross Off Your School Stationery List

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September has started and you know what that means… the first day of school is right around the corner!

Thankfully, Shop4all is here to assist to all your educational needs with its brand new website www.shop4all.com.mt – making it easier than ever to purchase your school lists quickly and at bargain prices.

WIN: Shop4all is giving away a €50 voucher to one lucky Lovin Malta reader! All you need to do is tag someone who needs back-to-school gear right now in the Facebook comment section of this article and you’ll be in with a chance of winning!

And while that’s a pretty great prize, it’s certainly not the only reason you should consider choosing Shop4all as your back-to-school shopping destination…

First off, if you’re too busy to go shopping yourself, there’s no reason to worry because Shop4all can actually do your shopping for you! That’s right, as part of their brand new service, you can give them a full stationery list and let them handle everything for you.

How convenient is that?

Well, it gets even better!

If you spend over €25 if you live in Malta or €50 if you live in Gozo, Shop4all will not only pack up your school items but will deliver them to your door completely free of charge.

All you need to do is fill out your virtual shopping bag and let Shop4all do the rest… this is what back-to-school shopping looks like in the 21st century!

From binding to laminating, you’ll find it all at Shop4all

Schoolbags (with and without wheels), lunchboxes, calculators, notebooks, flat files, clip files, geometry kits, staplers, copybooks of all sizes, A4 paper pads, glue, arts and crafts supplies, safety glasses for chemistry students… you name it, if it’s on your child’s to-buy list, chances are it’s also on Shop4all’s well-stocked shelves.

It also offers many crucial services necessary to get your child school-ready. We’re talking printing (in both black & white and colour), scanning, laminating, binding, book covering, making rubber stamps…


One of their most sought after services is personalised waterproof school labels, which can be used for almost anything including stationery, books and lunchboxes. Oh, and all of this can be done remotely too!

Many parents’ foreheads will crease when you remind them of the mad dash leading up to 28th September… running from stationery to book shop to stationery to book shop in search of that one elusive Maltese book that just seems to be completely out of stock.

Shop4all’s website is extremely detailed and user-friendly but if you’d rather view the variety of stationery, bags, gifts and art supplies up close yourself, you can always visit their physical store found in Fleur De Lys Road, Birkirkara with their pinpoint location accessible here.

To make things even more enticing, Shop4all launches regular deals

You will receive a €5 voucher with every €50 you spend on school lists and a €20 voucher with every €100 spent (Term and conditions apply).

Yes, you read that right! Shop4all are also giving a 10% discount to everyone who subscribes to their website on all items purchased online!

There may be a lot of debate about schools right now but one thing is crystal clear; school shopping has truly never been this easy, convenient or rewarding!

Tag someone who still needs to buy their stationery list!

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