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Six Perfect Cakes For Six Different Celebrations In Malta

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When it comes to the love of food, what people are really talking about is the love for the dessert and nothing beats a soft, spongy cake.

Actually, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a dessert or a main course, we’ll make any excuse to eat cake.

Let them eat cake? Yes, please!

The process of baking a cake is equally as enjoyable as eating one, and if you’ve ever done both, then you must be familiar with the name Betty Crocker and their famous cake mixes that have become a household name over the years.

Not only is Betty Crocker synonymous with quick, easy and mess-free baking (that even a child can cook) but the name makes your stomach rumble and your mouth salivate… yes, it’s that good!

And to prove to you how good Betty Crocker is, we’re pairing seven perfect cakes with seven different local celebrations – so you’ll always find the perfect excuse to bake a cake!

1. A rainbow cake for a children’s party

The ultimate climax of a children’s party is the cutting of the cake and boy are they going to be in for a treat when that first cut produces a slice of rainbow colours!

And it’s actually super easy to make using Betty Crocker cake mix  – your kid will think you’re a baking genius.

2. A red velvet cake for a romantic night

There are many ways to win your partner over but the best place to start is not the heart, but the belly. 

That’s where the Betty Crocker red velvet cake comes in because it’s just too beautiful (and tasty) to pass on and a romantic night isn’t the same without it.

A romantic date night is all about spoiling one another and baking a cake is the equivalent of shooting Cupid’s arrows.

3. A unicorn cake for a special occasion

A unicorn cake is a child’s dream come true and works whether it’s a holy communion or graduation. 

While the cake is intended for children, adults will want a piece of it too – after it all, it looks like it was made at a professional bakery!

Little do they know that it took you 10 minutes to make and by following three simple steps: mix, pour and bake.

4. A caramel cake for anniversaries 

An anniversary is an important celebration and important celebrations require only the best of the best.

While you can order a cake, it’s way easier to make it yourself and much more impressive too.

A caramel cake is both classy and comforting and its golden aesthetic is worthy of the anniversary occasion.

5. A chocolate cake for your coworkers

Every now and then it’s good to show some love to those you work with – after all, you spend most of the day around them, so you might as well be in their good books!

You might not please everyone, but you will definitely please the majority with a chocolate cake, especially one that tastes this good.

And with Betty Crocker, you might just be crowned the office’s best chef!

6. An M&M cake for many occasions

At the moment, Betty Crocker has offers on two cake mixes – Devil’s Food and Rainbow Chip Party – each of which comes with a free pack of M&M’s!

With that in mind, every occasion is a perfect occasion to have an M&M even if you are on a diet!

As you can see, there are many occasions where a Betty Crocker cake comes in handy but the best part of it all is that there’s only one way to make it – and it’s super simple, easy and quick to do.

And you’re guaranteed culinary perfection every time, that is, if you follow the instructions word for word.

All this talk about cake is making me hungry.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of Betty Crocker in stores. The baking brand has been around since 1921 and has become a household name across the world including Malta too which means you could up and baking in no time!

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