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Buy Now, Pay Later: This Company Is Transforming The Way We Spend Money In Malta

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You know when you really want to get yourself something nice, like a new laptop or a trip abroad, but you can’t fathom spending that amount money at one go? A new mobile app has recently hit the market that just might be the solution to this problem.

Solfy is an ‘interest free instalment card’ and if you’re a fan of shopping, here’s why you need to know all about it.

Solfy was launched as a fintech start-up right here in Malta just last year

With the aim of transforming the consumption pattern in retail in Europe. And before it had even launched it was touted as the best European Fintech Start-Up from Malta. Solfy is now preparing for it’s official launch in continental Europe; in the first half of 2020 they plan to conquer continental Europe, the first markets being Ukraine and Poland.

Solfy allows you to pay for purchases in a series of instalments

Customers can make purchases using the Solfy mobile app and card which will be backed by free loans that can be repaid in fixed monthly instalments.

The app can only be used at stores that are registered as final Solfy merchants, so there’s little to no room for error.


So, why should you use Solfy?

The Solfy Card allows customers make a purchase and the merchant gets the full payment immediately. The consumers then pay off the purchase through a series of instalments, with 0% interest. Instalments can be paid over a maximum of 12 months, and Solfy will group your payments on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

As a consumer, you’ll be able to manage your money properly whilst also being able to afford the more indulgent purchases you’ve had your eyes on. You can also use Solfy for your day-to-day purchases such as groceries, gas, and eating out. Plus, there’s no downpayment or interest, so you won’t be paying extra in order to manage your money.

Over 3,500 online and offline stores will have joined the Solfy network for you to make your purchases at by the time it launches.


But that’s not all you can do with Solfy

The Solfy app features a variety of functions like the available Solfy partner outlets and their instalment terms, and you can track all of your previous payments, pending instalments and spending habits. The app also serves for a variety of other purposes. You can find out all about the latest sales at your favourite stores – so if there’s a mega sale coming or an open day coming up you’ll be the first to know.

Solfy will be present at this year’s Malta Innovation Summit in October

So be sure to look out for their stand if you want to learn more about the app and how it works. You’ll be able to talk to the app’s founders and sign up to become official Solfy partners.

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