Spend Your Saturday Nights At Malta's Hottest Event

Marrakech Saturdays are the place to be this summer.

Marrakech Feature

Malta's weak version of winter is now a distant memory and as the heats sets in it's clear - summer is back! Beaches, barbecued pink sausages, festi, and a newsfeed full of ‘hot dog’ legs; there's nothing quite like it. It's also the time where we let our salty hair down and party the weekends away at the amazing outdoor venues that Malta boasts. 

Beach Party Gid

If you want to experience a great outdoor party in Malta then you must give Marrakech Saturdays a try. "What makes them so special?" we hear you ask. Well...

The music

Many of Malta’s finest DJs will be playing their signature tracks into the early hours each week. It's mostly house music, but there's always room for some disco and the classics. For the opening this Saturday the lineup is Alessia, Mykill and Drury. Other DJs on the schedule for Summer including Alvin Gee, Gilbert, and Tony Tony. 

Marrakech Dancing

The venue 

The whole area is surrounded by lush palm trees, with a section dedicated to creating a chill, lounge atmosphere. When you're tired of talking you head to the central space and party the night away under a sea of stars.

Marra Lounge

The crowd  

Nobody likes to spend their Saturday night squashed between hordes of people pushing to get to the bar. At Marrakech, the focus is on the quality of the event, not just the quantity of people attending. It's also a known hot spot for any celebs spending time in Malta on holidays – so get ready for that all important celeb-sighting-selfie!

Four of Malta's leading promoters, Privé Events, GET it, In The City & Bring It Back! (the people behind Fridays at City Lounge, Saturdays at Ryan's, Sundays at The Villa and Fridays at Bedouin Bar) will be joining together to host Marrakech Saturdays, so you definitely don't want to miss out.

Marrakech Crowd 1
Marrakech Crowd 2