100% Maltese: Local Gaming Company Names Ben Camille As Their Newest Brand Ambassador

Yobetit is bringing jackpots worth millions to the island... and they've just enlisted some heavyweight celebrity help

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There are dozens of betting sites out there, so how do you even start trying to choose one? Well, a betting site born and bred in Malta and used by not only Maltese people, but a huge number of Europeans is a great place to start.

Yobetit is kicking things up a notch.

In anticipation of a very eventful year, Yobetit have announced their newest brand ambassador... Ben Camille!

The TV-host-model has taken the Maltese Islands by storm in recent times and has been killing it on the local scene.

It's safe to say the Camille effect is in full swing, and seeing as Yobetit caters to many countries around the globe, Ben Camille is the perfect candidate to be the face of the company - set to represent Malta internationally.

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"Ben will be the face of the company in all our major campaigns for all our target markets," Yobetit proudly told Lovin Malta. And we definitely get why they'd be so excited - the Camille effect has absolutely taken over the island!

Yobetit has all of the world's largest jackpots, including the famous EuroMillions, the MegaMillions, the Euro Jackpot and the Powerball

Sweden and Finland are two of the Maltese company's biggest markets in Europe when it comes to online betting, and Germany's market keeps growing thanks to an increasingly exciting football league. And as South America continues to embrace the online world over more traditional betting forays, the continent's market on the Maltese site continues to grow.

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Yobetit was founded by iGaming veterans and data-mining experts back in 2012. Two years later, the company started operating out of the island, growing into one of Europe's favourite iGaming companies.

An award-winning company, Yobetit's mission has always been to contribute to the industry with creativity, innovation and excellence to help shape a more exciting experience. And speaking of exciting, we're sure Ben Camille will add to that winning formula!

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