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Cash Is So 2010s! Malta’s Never Needed Contactless Payments So Much And This Company Has The Answer

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As if the world needed another reason to ditch cash and leave clunky, dirty currency behind, this decade has kicked off with the best possible reason to do so. And sure, it does feels like someone had to push the big red button to make it happen, but now that we’re here, it’s time to embrace the future.

Contactless payments are definitely the way forward for anything from supermarkets and retail outlets to smaller and more personal services, and there hasn’t been a better time to make the switch.

While the new is usually a tad confusing, the best thing about switching to contactless payments is how simple and intuitive the whole process can be… and that’s where one Maltese fintech company has stepped in to step up the island’s contactless services.

247Pay is providing this with myPOS, a piece of tech that’s as revolutionary as it is deceptively simple

Coming in various shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs – from small portable devices perfect for deliverymen to countertop devices ready for any shop – myPOS are revolutionising the way people pay for… well, anything really

All devices are equipped with roaming SIMs at no monthly charge, with rates that are much lower than any major banks. Speaking of monthly charges (or the lack thereof), there’s no monthly charges to speak of here!

The smartphone app and portal work like a charm, and you can kiss processing times goodbye because money is instantly settled.

It’s not just easy to use though; an account can be opened in just 48 hours through a video call, with a 24/7 support centre service backing it all up.

And of course, if you’re going to switch to contactless, you don’t need all those forms and dozens of signatures. Cash is history… and so is everything else with it!

Customers have started carrying less and less cash nowadays… so why not make the most of it and embrace the new way?

Reduce the handling of the little cash and cheques still doing the rounds and increase the safety and security of everyone involved.

After all, money is literally dirty, so it’s high time that everyone gets on board this cleaner tech wave.

And hey; less handling of cash with the dawn of more contactless payments means everyone can do their part to kick COVID-19 out of our lives sooner rather than later.

The great thing about myPOS is how easily it can be applied to any business and instantly streamlined

You don’t need to have a massive retail outlet or sprawling supermarket to make sure your company steps into the 2020s with style and efficiency.

Groceries, doctors, lawyers, mechanics and taxi companies can also make great use of the service… not to mention all the delivery companies bringing any product straight to your door.

So what are you waiting for? Kiss cash goodbye (actually don’t touch it all please) and embrace the future of contactless payment today!

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247Pay is a subsidiary of HandsOn Systems and is authorized by myPOS to distribute POS terminals. myPOS offers one of the most innovative and complete solution for any business that needs to accept card payments both physically but also online or through SMS.
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