6 Reasons All Businesspeople In Malta Need To Be At This Event This Week

EY's Malta Attractiveness Event is back with a bang!

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How many times a day do you come across articles, tweets, colleagues and clients referring to disruption? Often is most likely the answer. But isn’t the truth of what we’re experiencing transformation rather than mere disruption?

1,000 of Malta’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and influential business and government leaders will all be coming together this week for Malta's largest business and investment forum.

EY Malta’s Attractiveness Event is back, and this year's theme is all about the Transformative Age.

Now in its second decade, EY Malta's conference has become the national barometer for local economic matters. This year’s edition, on the 24th of October, will feature discussions on how a collision of ideas and technologies, as well as their synergies, are reshaping our future from both an economic and human perspective.

With a wide range of speakers from all around the globe, the Attractiveness Event always promises to be a great place for all business leaders. But if you're somehow still not sold, here are six reasons why you definitely need to head to this year's conference.

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1. It's all set to be expert central

Over 60 global and local experts are expected to attend. Together with the participants, these experts will be exploring what the world we live and work in could look like in the immediate future.

Everything from financial services to artificial intelligence, from blockchain to automation to the human elements in the transformative age, will be covered during the conference. This is the perfect opportunity to get in the know.

2. And top international speakers will take the stage

Apart from the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader, business and thought leaders from all four corners of the world will have their say. Award-winning author and David Pilling, Financial Times editor will make the case for a more holistic set of KPIs, beyond GDP, to value what makes economies better, not just what makes them bigger.

Stuart Lawson, an ex-banking CEO with over 35 years’ experience, will show how failure in business can be turned around to its benefit.

EY’s Global Leaders from the US, Paul Brody and Keith Strier, will give a real time update on the latest innovation trends surrounding blockchain and artificial intelligence. They will be presenting the results of EY’s new study on these subjects and float a fresh perspective on what Malta can do to keep pace.

3. EY's popular break-out sessions are back

The Annual Attractiveness Event is well-known for its dynamic break-out sessions — a chance for delegates to splinter-off into sector-specific discussions and to better navigate the transformative age.

Industry pioneers will lead sessions delving deeply into how disruption, technology and FDI will impact different areas of business. This year’s event features sessions on financial services, innovation and AI, Brexit, transport and logistics, tourism and environment, iGaming, and human capital.

4. Hours of accreditation? Yes please!

The event has been accredited five hours of Structured CPE by the Malta Institute of Accountants, which means you get to hit multiple birds with just one awesome stone. And that's always awesome.

5. Get a front row seat to Malta's Attractiveness Survey results

The conference is also the moment when the annual Attractiveness Survey is unveiled. The survey analyses the country’s business and FDI landscape, and is always one of the most important set of results to be published in the sector.

Leading figures will debate the actions Malta should take to remain ahead of the curve and address challenges such as labour shortages, transport and infrastructure, regulatory updates and technology.

6. Post-event networking drinks to end the day in style

When all is said and done, a post-conference reception will close off the event with excellent food, drinks, music... and the perfect opportunity to network, of course!

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EY Malta's Attractiveness Event will kick off on the 24th of October, but you can still book your place right here.

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