6 Ways Second Semester In Malta Can Screw You Over

Chin up, summer's only twenty weeks away...

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University exams are over, you've partied like you hadn't left the house in over a decade, and now second semester is back to hit you like a tonne of bricks. 

While you nurse last Saturday's killer hangover in a class you're not entirely sure is even a part of your second semester's curriculum, prep yourselves with some red flags to watch out for in the next five months of University life. 

1. Getting back into routine sucks

You'd sooner chew ground glass than return to University, but semester two is back with a vengeance. You've got yourself a new timetable that's even more unforgiving than the one they dished out for your exams a few weeks back, so buckle up. 

2. Locating new classes is a job unto itself

New semester, new study units, new classroom you're pretty sure doesn't exist. You're bound to miss the first five minutes of every new lesson just looking up the new place to begin with... and then some. 

3. Your new timetable hates you...

...and you hate it. 

Try as you might, you keep showing up for your Tuesday lesson three hours early and that one lecture you had on Fridays no longer exists. At least it only took you forty minutes to find parking this time around. 

4. Brace yourself for exam results...

... and the barrage of Facebook posts that follow. 

You know the day is coming, and it's only a matter of time before you find out how badly you misinterpreted every single exam question you sat through. 

5. Know that you'll have to reschedule all your group assignments

Because Heaven help us if the department was actually organised for once. 

6. Countdown calendars save lives

Think about it: stipend countdowns, carnival weekend, the Easter break, the summer holidays countdown... 140 days isn't that far off. Right?

BONUS: If all else fails, get an app to do it for you

This is 2018 after all, and the paraphrase the Apple mantra, there's an app for all this too. Student app FreeHour is back for semester two, ready to serve the budding student at University, MCAST or any other tertiary level school in Malta. Now arguably a household name in the student community, FreeHour has amassed over 15,000 downloads, amounting to half of Malta's student population, and 80% of which were downloaded in the last four months alone! 

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With in-built assignment scheduling, timetable sharing for you and your friends, a convenient reminder system and even countdown services, semester two will be the breeze you were promised in Freshers' Week. At least until the June exams arrive. 

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What's more, FreeHour will be rolling out a start-and-end service, making it easier for you to plan our your days with your friends and classmates for such things as getting to and from University and even sorting out what else to make do with your free time. 

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