7 Branded Office Essentials Your Company In Malta Needs Right Now

And a whole lot of other things you can get branded!

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For most people, the office is their second home. You spend most of your day there, you have work wives/husbands, some people even shower at work. If you love your job, spending so much time there is no biggie, if you don’t... #SorryNotSorry.

Jokes aside, it’s so important to have a cool working environment surrounded by office essentials that are a little more snazzier than the norm. Trust me, it might not seem important, but it really does make a difference.

Plus, it makes your company look all the more legit!

I started at Lovin Malta two weeks ago and as nerdy as it may sound, I love writing my ideas with my Lovin Malta branded pen on my equally-branded red notepad.

None of this would've happened without the cool cats at Fluid Branding (the merch I mean, not my job).

Check out how cool these are:

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Jealous? Well, get your boss to do the same for your company and make them brand the crap out of your office supplies. Plus, if they look cool enough, you’re probably less likely to lose them (so it’s a win-win).

Fluid Branding go beyond pens and pads, but here’s just a tiny snippet of the unique branded office swag your company totally needs.

1. Earphones

For when you’re on a 'Do Not Disturb, I’m working hard and need to concentrate, so please don't talk to me’ mode.

2. Keyrings

For your company keys.

You wouldn't believe the amount of times I got my house and work keys mixed up. A keyring with your office's logo will ensure no-one on your team ends up in the same situation.

3. Thermal Cups

For your coffee or tea work routine - duh! Gotta keep it hot.

4. Laptop Bags

For carrying around your company laptop, but also to have a cool walking advertisement... or be one yourself.

5. Company Awards and Trophies

For either the suck up that always gets Employee of The Month or a good way to send someone off when they're leaving.

6. Exhibition Equipment

From banners, to selfie frames to tablecloths... let your company be the standout at those (sometimes) boring conferences/exhibitions you're forced to go to.

7. Drinking Glasses

When a client comes in, mugs and drinking glasses set up in the meeting room with your work's logo will surely impress!

If you want your company to be the swaggiest of them all, head over to Fluid Branding's website for all your branding and merchandising needs.

The amount of products they have for you to choose from is endless and they even have their own in-house studio which ensures they do everything from beginning to end.

They've had some pretty Top Dog clients including The Brit Awards, Google, American Airlines (and Lovin Malta, of course), and that alone speaks for itself.

So go ahead and let them brand your brand!

Tag someone who needs this at their place of work!

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