7 Gadgets Everyone In Malta Would Like To Find Under Their Tree This Year

Give the gift of tech this Xmas

I Centre Christmas Malta Gadgets

We all have that one tech nerd friend who must have the latest gadget or whose house looks like a sci-fi warehouse. If you don't, then you're probably that friend.

Whether you like it or not, technology is everywhere and is here to stay. Now that Christmas is up on us, many people's wish list has now started getting more populated with the latest tech.

If you're looking to update your own, here are the most badass gadgets to get your mitts on from iCentre.

1. Gamevice, €110


The Gamevice will give you the ultimate gamegasm.

Available for iPhone and iPads (using the latest iOS software) Gamevice delivers a surreal gaming experience with over 950 games to choose from.

2. Urbanista Detroit Wireless Headphones, €69

Urbanista Detroit Headphones

Music maniacs who are always running around will adore the Detroit headphones with its elegant matte finish and grain leather earpads. It's not just a pretty face though as it has a very simple button functionality where starting a playlist or answering a call can be done in a few seconds!

The clear crisp audio quality will make you feel like you're with the artist inside the recording studio and the 12-hour playtime and standby time of 300 hours is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

3. GoPro HERO7 Black, €430

Screen Shot 2018 11 29 At 16 21 57

Everyone should have a GoPro HERO7 in their lives. My holiday or adventure pics and vids wouldn't be the same without it and I make sure I always pack it with me because sometimes a mobile shot isn't enough and a DSLR is too hefty!

It's a great investment when you consider its compact size, how easy it is to operate and how it beats its competitors. It can capture 4K video at a barely believable 60 frames per second.

That says it all really!

4. Marshall Kilburn II, €299

Marshall Kilburn

The wireless Marshall Kilburn II looks like a mini version of the brand's legendary rock n roll amps! Three sleek knobs control the volume, bass and treble outputs.

The sound quality of the Kilburn II is excellent. It guarantees an immersive, multidirectional audio experience at a very competitive price. The speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, as well as the ability to wirelessly connect to multiple audio sources.

5. FitBit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Scale, €149

Fit Bit 2

You don't have to be fitness freak to know how important it is to keep track of your health and now thanks to the FitBit Aria 2 Scale, you can do it in the comfort of your own home with minimal effort.

From the moment you step on, this Wi-Fi smart scale measures your weight, body fat percentage and BMI.

All your stats and metrics can be synced wirelessly to the Fitbit app on your mobile, computer, or tablet to help keep track of your progress and results through clear graphs and charts (how genius).

Up to eight people can have their stats recognized when they step onto it enabling their results to be saved onto their own Fitbit account.

6. Lifeprint, €180

Screenshot 2018 11 29 At 13 59 36

Imagine being able to print videos? Yes, videos. Well guess what... you bloody well can. How?

I present you Lifeprint.

Lifeprint lets you turn your social media photos, videos, and GIFs from Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter into a hard copy.

Then you can share it with your squad and followers by printing to any Lifeprint printer. What a time to be alive!

7. Beats Solo 3 Wireless, €299

Beats Solo 3

Now these are the perfect headphones for everyday use with up to 40 hours of battery life. Also, the sound is clear AF so you'll never miss a beat (see what I did there?).

Everything on this list can be bought in any of the iCentre stores... or you can even beat the queues by shopping online.

iCentre has branches in Sliema, Valletta, Pieta, Birkirkara, Paola and The Point and Arkadia Gozo, but you can always go online from the comfort of your home if you want to stay in bed this cold(ish) season.

Screenshot 2018 11 29 At 14 23 10
Screenshot 2018 11 29 At 14 22 59

I know what I'm adding to my Wishlist (hint hint) and spending my salary on!

Tag a tech lover that deserves something on this list

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