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9 Things You Need To Do Before Taking Your Boat Out In Malta

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It’s officially boat-day season, and your Instagram feed is set to turn into the breeding ground for pretentious #sundayfunday snaps quicker than you can say ‘inflatable flamingo’. If you are planning on heading out to sea this summer, we’ve a few tips lined up for you to make your (rather extra) day out that little bit better.

1. Sunscreen. Saves. Lives.

Yes, Bettina’s boat might have a jacuzzi and a retractable roof on the flybridge, but that certainly won’t prevent you from returning home lobster-faced. Stay safe. Don’t be stupid. Pack sunscreen.

2. Prepare a ftira

Or a whole tonne of them for that matter – if you’re heading out to sea in Malta and Gozo and you haven’t packed at least one loaded ftira or a mouthwateringly greasy Ħobż biż-żejt, are you really doing #boatday right after all?

3. Get all the seasickness pills…

Every family and friend group has that one person who instantly turns green and queasy the moment they step off the pontoon and rigidly attempt to hop onto a boat. Visit your local pharmacy and get your antiemetics in order – if anything you’ll have less vomit to clean up after a full day out at sea.

4. … and make sure your First Aid kit is in order

Just because you’re on a boat, doesn’t mean you’re at any less of a risk of getting hurt. A well-stocked First Aid kit means that you’ll be able to tend to minor injuries while out at sea, as well as tend to more serious problems until you head back to shore.

5. Make sure all your equipment is working

Whether it’s your boat radar or your electronics, it’s important to have everything in shipshape fashion. Things can go wrong out at sea, and the last thing you want to be is unprepared for the worst.

6. Check the weather forecast

Malta has its fair share of hefty beatings from the sea, particularly during the winter. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get into a nasty spot during the summer months. Be sure to plan out your trips well in advance, and scout the safest routes and rest stops for your journey, no matter how far.

7. Stock up on lifejackets

This should be a given, but it is vital to have lifejackets on board your boat. Some people may not be as comfortable out at sea, and in an emergency, all adults and children aboard need to have enough lifejackets and rafts for immediate evacuation.

8. Pack all the water

If you’re roughing it true-sailing style, or even if you’re sitting pretty in a twin-bedroom cabin on your friend’s massive yacht – this is Malta. And it’s summer. No fancy-ass air-conditioned boat is going to stave your dehydration. Make like a sponge and drink water.

9. Whatever you do, don’t head out on an empty tank

You’d think this was obvious enough, but for crying out loud make sure your boat has been refuelled before heading out to sea! Enemed has fuelling options for all kinds of boats in Malta and Gozo, with a line of eDiesel and ePower options for different engine types. As a rule of thumb, you should always have enough for the outgoing trip, the incoming trip and enough fuel for a third trip.

BONUS: invest in an inflatable flamingo

You went out for a day on the boat and you didn’t snap a shot on your fabulously pink inflatable flamingo in the Blue Lagoon? Mhm, sure you did…

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