A 24-Hour International Celebration Of One Of The World's Most Loved Champagnes Is Coming To Malta

Another reason to love June

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Most of us can't wait until summer starts later this month, and now, we've just been given another reason to love June in Malta... especially if you also happen to be a fan of champagne. 

The second edition of the Moët Party Day is going down on June 17th, and it's exactly what it sounds like. A 24-hour celebration around the world, the whole thing aims to remind us of all those moments when we saw a bottle of Moët and instantly realised it was a memorable days, from wedding receptions to fabulous birthday parties. 

More than 80 countries from New Zealand to Mexico will be celebrating this special day, and the festivities will also be making their way to Malta's shores!


Moët & Chandon has been around for more than 270 years, always popping the cork to salute some of the most historic celebrations in history, from the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II to the annual Golden Globes. 

What this event aims to do, however, is turn every one of life's little moments into Moët Moments. Because who wouldn't want to feel extra special for no particular reason on a random weekday?


As part of this year's Moët Party Day, Malta will be treated to three different celebrations around the island, and they all sound amazing.

1. A day-long party at a brand new venue

In true Moët fashion, 17th June will see famously fabulous Events By Martin organising a massive do at Sky Beach, an entirely new rooftop restobar on the 19th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel. With big names like DJ RubyRoberta Nicholls and Tiffany spinning tunes all day long and Moët's Ice range being offered in ice buckets, this day-to-night celebration is set to be sizzling.

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2. A special sunset in Valletta

Malta's sunsets are always a sight to behold no matter where you are, but it only gets better if you're in Valletta and you've got a bottle or two of Moët by your side. City Lounge in Valletta will be hosting anyone who wants to celebrate the end of a perfect day... or the beginning of a memorable night. They'll also have special offers on Mini Moëts after 6pm, because that's exactly what you need to make a Maltese sunset all that much better.

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3. An exclusive four-course gourmet experience at one of Malta's best bistros

Moët & Chandon champagnes have graced the finest tables since the days of Napoleon, and this year, they'll be gracing some of the finest tables in Malta for a one-off pairing dinner. This exclusive experience is set to be hosted at Giuseppi's Bar & Bistro, which wowed us earlier this year when we celebrated Lovin Malta's one year anniversary with a lavish dinner. And if the menu they just shared for the night is anything to go by, you're not going to want to miss this event if you love great food... and a cheeky bottle of Moët, of course.

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So whether you fancy an entire day of partying, an after-work sunset gathering with friends, or a fine dining experience straight out of every foodie's dreams, 17th June is the day to mark down on your calendars. For more information on the big day, check out Moët & Chandon Malta's Facebook page.

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