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A Guide On How To Spend €720,000 In Malta

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Hard work and determination go a very long way to help you achieve your dreams, but we could all do with a cash boost to get even closer. And if you’ve been looking for the ultimate boost, Malta’s latest lottery keeps increasing its already ludicrous jackpot.

Every Maltese person knows of the Super 5, a weekly local lottery which has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of islanders countless times before. The jackpot has helped so many people in the process of achieving their goals, and now, the people behind it are bringing a new – and even bigger – jackpot to Malta.

Maltco’s SUPERSTAR is currently sitting at a €720,000 jackpot tonight!

SUPERSTAR is the latest lottery to take the island by storm, and its local roots bring back the good old Maltese dream and put it in the centre of the game.

But what would you do if, overnight, money was no longer an issue? Well, here’s a guide on how to spend that €720,000 wisely, just in case you happen to be the lucky person going home with it!

1. Finally get that dream business on the road

You have the idea, the name and the logo. You know exactly what it’s going to look and be like, but you need that last big capital push.

Well, now’s the time. Open that cafeteria, kick off that clothing line, or finish off that boutique hotel; the time for your business to shine is here!

2. Put a deposit down on that dream home

There are two types of houses out there; the one you’ve always dreamed of owning, and the one you can actually afford.

With €720,000 though, you can very easily put down a deposit on that awesome dream house… or even go ahead and buy it! This could be the start of a brand new life, so seize the day and the chance.

3. Give something back to the most important people in your life

You know how you spent more than half of your life living under you parents’ roof, getting endless meals for free, and probably also getting loads of free stuff in the meantime.

This is the perfect opportunity to give back and let your dear parents know that all those years of love and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

4. Buy that car you’ve always wanted

Remember how you always had that one car poster you always had on your bedroom wall? You’d grow out of trends and change the room’s look on a nearly yearly basis, but that poster was always there.

Go on; get those wheels on the road!

5. Take your loved ones on a holiday of a lifetime

We all need some downtime every once in a while, getting away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the people we love.

Well, with that insane jackpot, you’ll definitely have enough money to book a holiday or two, making sure your loved ones have all the TLC they want and deserve.

Pick any number of exotic locations and get ready to start ticking places off your bucket list.

6. Supporting a charity that’s always been close to your heart

Everyone has a cause they feel close to. Whether it’s because of a personal experience or because you’d genuinely like to help out those who are in need, this is the perfect opportunity to lend a bigger helping hand while not breaking the bank.

You’ve just become the luckiest person in the country, so why not help out with a few causes along the way?

SUPERSTAR is your gateway to all this and more

With odds that are specifically tailored for the Maltese population and seven different winning categories, SUPERSTAR really is the lottery it promises to be. Multiple jackpots can be won every single week, and playing is easy AF.

All you need to do is choose at least five numbers from 1 to 35, and at least one SUPERSTAR number from 1 to 7. Apart from really being that easy, the new game is also available from around 240 Maltco outlets around Malta and Gozo.

Held in the presence of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a public notary and members of the public, in the dedicated ISO certified Live Draw Studio, the lottery is also as secure and reliable as they get. It uses draw machines of the latest technology and conforming to the highest quality and security standards of the international lottery industry.

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