A Ridiculous Jackpot Of €108,000,000 Is Coming To Malta Tonight

That's enough money to make you and all your friends and family millionaires


Maltese people have always been fascinated by the concept of lotteries. Playing 'lucky numbers' based on birthdays and other significant moments is a tradition that everyone include your nanna will remember. But while many daydream about what they'd do with the couple of thousands they can win from local lotteries, it's time to take things up a notch with EuroMillions' latest jackpot.

Following another massive rollover, tonight's jackpot lies at €108,000,000.

One Maltese person already ended 2017 in style by winning €20,000 at the SuperEnalotto, but with the EuroMillions' €108,000,000 jackpot, things are set to go stratospheric.

With so many zeroes in one number, it gets a bit tough to understand just how big that jackpot really is. 

So let's try to put that into perspective for you. €108,000,000 in Malta gets you:

1. About 10 Maltese palaces

The palazzo is for many Maltese people the epitome of living in luxury. While these centuries-old residences vary in price according to their state and location, an average palazzo will set you back around €10 million. 

Just don't forget to buy a crown and a throne.

2. 100 packets of Twistees every single day for over 5,000 years

5,515 years, to be precise. Because you know, you might need those extra 18,334,000 packets of Twistees.

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3. An opportunity to make all your loved ones millionaires overnight

If you're a little stuck as to what to do with the money (or you're somehow not a Twistees fan), you can split the money with all your loved ones, and you'll still all be millionaires. 

Give your bestie that recognition they've always deserved, or return the favour to your nanna for all that secretive pocket money she gave you. 

4. A €250 gift card for every single person in the country

Yep; if you're feeling extra generous, you can divide that money with each and every single person living on this island, from newborn babies to nanniet, and it would still come up to an impressive €250 each.

So – how do you get in on all this potential cash?

Like everything that makes sense in life – it takes three easy steps:

Step 1. Make an account with Jackpot.com.

Step 2. Choose your magic lottery numbers online.

Step 3. Wait to see if you're one of the lucky ones, and then have your money sent to you. #Shweet

Why do it online?

The advantage of betting with Jackpot.com – which is licensed by The Malta Gaming Authority, so totally legit – is that you can try your luck anywhere and anytime. You can even check exactly what your odds of winning are, and what combination of matching numbers get you what percentage of the pot. 

Players can subscribe to EuroMillions while on the site, so you'll never miss a draw. 

Good luck, and as always; don't forget about where you read the information when you're rolling in it. There's plenty enough to go around for everyone.

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David Grech Urpani

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