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All These Aviation Courses Are Opening Right Now In Malta

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Have you ever been interested, dreamed about or actively looked into getting in the aviation game?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you, my friend, need to do something about it sooner rather than later and get your A-game on.

How though?

To put it simply, by heading over to MCAST, choosing from a selection of their five aviation courses and applying in person or online!

These courses will be starting in February, so there’s no time to waste for that career or course change you’ve always wanted!

But I don’t have the right qualifications and haven’t even been to Sixth Form…

You really don’t have to worry about qualifications. Wanna know why?

You don’t even need your O-Levels to begin studying these aviation courses. Speak to MCAST because they have the right foundation course for you to start off even without O-Levels.

What are the courses on offer?

Without getting into serious jargon, there’s a course which focuses on structures and repairs, one on aircraft maintenance and an aircraft maintenance technician course. By the end of this, you could be working as a licensed line or base maintenance technician and taking responsibility for all sorts of complicated maintenance such as aircraft structure, engines, electrical systems and more.

Another version of this course focuses on the avionics side of things (all electronic stuff on aircraft) which is also on offer. But you can check out our earlier article if you want to read more on this.

Hmmm, what job prospects do these courses give me?

Imagine being the person who helps to fix planes or the hands responsible for technical maintenances.

You’re basically the hero and that plane isn’t going anywhere without you! Sounds pretty neat, no?

People always link aviation to being a pilot, but there are so many different jobs in the field to choose from. Plus these courses pretty much guarantee you employment since there is such a demand for these posts!

The aviation industry is always hungry for aviation peeps, so you’ll rarely need to polish your CV or go round handing it out!

And you’re positive that I only need O-Levels or the MCAST Foundation Course?

These courses are literally open to everyone and they’re recognised throughout the EU. Given how much we Europeans all love to travel, you’ll be able to use your skills to work wherever you want.

Applications are now open and the courses start in February 2019, so hurry up and kickstart your career in aviation today!

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