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Beat Malta’s Restaurant Rush And Guarantee Your Table With This New Booking Service

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Securing a table in Malta (especially with the increasing population) is harder than you might think. How annoying is it having to call numerous restaurants to be told that they’re either fully booked or that they don’t accept reservations?

Not only is this totally time consuming, but you also don’t want to try your luck by just showing up and being #Rejected.

Thankfully, the launch of Tablein is set to change the island’s restaurant booking system

The concept behind this new site is devilishly simple, but insanely efficient.

Tablein basically shows you the empty tables in some of the most talked about restaurants on the island, letting you always get to your favourite dining spot.

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Tablein is set to revolutionise the way you research restaurants, check out food reviews and eventually book tables to try out the places for yourself.

And considering how many restaurants there are out there, why not make the most of your time by getting the perfect table at the perfect place, every single time?

If you’re somehow still not convinced, here’s why you need to check out Tablein and make this your new favourite website.

1. Some of Malta’s top restaurants are on the list

If it’s won awards for being one of the best on the island, it’s on here.

Restaurants who have already joined the Tablein bandwagon include The Lord Nelson, Tarragon, Caviar & Bull, Buddhamann, Chang Thai, Rocksalt and more.

Want the best? They’re all here!

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2. It’s so easy to use

Found a restaurant you like? Check out the menu, pick date and time, select the size of your party and you’re good to go.

You can do all of that while the restaurant is open or closed, so there’s no waiting around and the site will send over a confirmation via email or even text!

If you just can’t choose, make sure to check out Tablein’s rating system at the top right of each restaurant, so you know if they’ve got a popular stamp on it, it must be good. Reserve a table, get an instant confirmation, and don’t fret: you can cancel your booking with just one click. It’s that simple!

If you’re a busy bean, you can also synchronise your booking date with your personal calendar on your phone or computer.

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3. Restaurant owners will have a field day

Tablein allows restauranteurs to increase online bookings and guest capacity, swiftly manage reservations and decrease the likely-hood of no-shows while boosting profits.

In other words, you’ll be able to improve restaurant service, growing your client database along the way as your life gets even easier.

It just makes it so much better knowing that everyone in the restaurant is benefitting from this one single service.

4. Usually find it hard to pick?

Everything you want to know about a restaurant, they’ll give you!

This includes news, restaurant descriptions, offers, images of what the restaurant looks like and so much more.

If you’ve been wondering whether the restaurant you have in mind is the right one, things are about to get super efficient. Choosing is about to get a whole lot more stream-lined.

As soon as you start browsing Tabelin, you’ll quickly realise how many people already use the great service.

To give you some context – and well needed inspiration – the site has a nifty little feature which lets you see which Maltese restaurants were recently booked. This quickly ends up becoming a constantly updating list of some of the best eateries around the island… as if you needed another reason to feel hungrier!

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