Help Us Make A Living Catalogue For The Urban Art At White Rocks

Safeguarding our country's artistic heritage


We're calling on all the artists who have created compositions at the White Rocks complex to help us gather information about them to keep them on record. 

If you are a White Rocks artist, scroll down to the bottom of this photo essay to fill in our form. 

Meanwhile, enjoy these awesome images of the works at White Rocks captured by Joanna Demarco.

Mg 9823
Mg 9820
Mg 9816
Mg 9813
Mg 9798
Mg 9788
Mg 9786
Mg 9785
Mg 9782
Mg 9772
Mg 9776
Mg 9778
Mg 9780
Mg 9838
Mg 9857
Mg 9860
Mg 9859
Img 8700
Img 8698
Img 8696
Mg 9872

And don't forget to sign our petition to #SaveWhiteRocks

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