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Disinfected And Delivered: Leading Maltese Dry Cleaners Will Do Your Laundry And Even Drop It Off

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Even in this quasi-lockdown, Malta’s leading dry-cleaning professionals are here to let you know they are still offering their services in a completely COVID-19 safe way, of course.

Portughes are one of Malta’s leading dry-cleaning companies – and for good reason. No matter the current challenges, they are still offering all of their services and have introduced a focus on offering sanitisation and disinfection products and services – awesome!

Now, while their outlets have just re-opened and are totally safe to visit as of 24th March, you absolutely need to take advantage of their pick-up and delivery option.

You’ll be able to get your laundry done hassle-free, while also resting assured that your beloved items are sanitised properly before being delivered right to your doorstep.

Yes, you read that right – collection and delivery services are up and running to ensure your maximum convenience.

Your laundry can be delivered right to your doorstep – no matter where you live in Malta. They offer a phenomenal service of different delivery times and routes to every location on the island at different times and days, so you’ll always be sorted no matter what.

Each locality is provided with a specific date and time for pick-ups and deliveries to be made. What’s more, Portughes even have a dedicated agent in Gozo too!

If you prefer doing your own laundry though, you’re in luck. Portughes have also begun importing and selling a fabric softener sanitiser that can be inserted into your washing machine to replace a normal softener you’d be using.

If you want your clothes sanitised within the comforts of your own home you definitely need to put this at the top of your shopping list!

In these times, it is vital to sanitise to let yourself feel more at ease when you are at home.

Even if there wasn’t a pandemic, sanitising your clothes is still not a bad option anyway – it just means you can rest easy knowing that your clothes are definitely as clean as can be, especially with Portughes’ expert support.

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