Everything You Need To Know About This Month's Massive Medical Cannabis Conference In Malta

This is going to be historical on so many levels

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Malta's debut Medical Cannabis World Forum is nearly here, and this unforgettable moment in the island's history is something anyone with even a passing interest in medical cannabis needs to attend.

In just one year, Malta's both legalised medical cannabis as well as the manufacturing of medical cannabis - and now some of the biggest names in the global cannabis industry are heading to the island to discuss the future potential of the Maltese market.

Between the multinational businesses open to your questions, Malta's political elite explaining their vision for the country's cannabis industry, and the myriad of experts, patients, and interested attendees in place, the Medical Cannabis World Forum is set to be a game changer.

You'll be able to interact with everyone who is anyone in the Maltese cannabis industry

"It is evident that Malta will become a key player in the global cannabis industry, with many companies already applying for a licence here," said Nicholas Spiteri, the director of MCWF. "Having a conference in Malta will offer a platform for these companies to network with the other industry stakeholders."

"We have made it a point to have a good mix of speakers which cover the legislative, medical and business sides of this industry," he said. "We have policy makers, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who will set out his vision for Malta in this industry. From a medical standpoint, we have the Superintendent of Health Ms Charmaine Gauci and Professor Serracino Inglott, the Chairman of the Medicines Authority, who will be presenting the current state of play in Malta and how they see medical cannabis impacting patients going forward."

"We also have foreign medical practitioners such as Dr. Jan Witte from Berlin and Mr Rhys from Sydney who will present their experiences related to research in their different territories. The business side will be covered by leaders of some of the top medical cannabis companies in the world such as Aphria, Maricann and The Supreme Cannabis Company, complimented by local public and private stakeholders who will explain what Malta is offering to continue attracting these global players to our island," he said.

Apart from speeches from the Prime Minister and other top ministers, here are some other presentations that you just cannot miss

Deepak Anand

Vice President of Government Relations - Cannabis Compliance Inc.

One of the most experienced speakers in the cannabis industry, Anand has been deeply involved in the Canadian cannabis industry. As a go-between for governments, health professionals, policy makers, patients and investors, his insight into getting a market off of the ground is invaluable.

Anand will be giving an overview of the evolution of the Canadian land-space and drawing parallels with Malta's young industry.

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Jakob Ripshtein

The newly appointed president of Aphria

As president of one of the biggest players in the market, Riphstein is responsible for Aphria’s sales, marketing and commercial strategy. In his professional life, he's helped bring everything from beverage companies to pharmaceutical companies to market, and has done so in multiple countries including the US, Canada and the UK.

He will be discussing the rise and success of Aphria, and what it means for other companies that will follow.

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Hendrick Knopp

Managing Director of Nuuvera Germany

Knopp has been instrumental in Germany's growing medical cannabis market, recently overseeing the strengthening of Nuuvera's trade routes between Europe and North America. His highly strategic thinking has allowed his companies to respond quickly to the needs of everyone from doctors to lawmakers, and ensure top quality product is received on a consistent basis.

He will be discussing what one year of legal medical cannabis in Germany looks like... with implications for Malta's own market, of course.

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Navdeep Dhaliwal

President of The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc.

Dhaliwal is, first and foremost, an entrepreneur who gets involved with initiatives that create positive change for humanity globally. With a passion for cannabis, renewable energy and technology, he has seen the cannabis market grow dramatically and is intent on being at the forefront of it.

Dhaliwal will be discussing how his company, The Supreme Cannabis Company, is successfully taking on the international market.

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Damon Booth

Melabis, AI and Blockchain technology

Damon Booth is the co-founder of Melabis, a blockchain company that aims to create a solution that streamlines the current supply, demand and consumption chain of medical cannabis.

With his technology, governments and businesses can rest assured that all cannabis products can be tracked and registered, comforting investors and wary lawmakers and ensuring a legal framework.

He'll be explaining how technology and AI will make the cannabis industry more transparent and reliable than ever before.

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Nir Peles

CannAssure, Chairman of the Board

When it comes to changing businesses, Nir Peles has the experience.

A seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge in business development and company transformation, Peles' company is focused on consistently delivering the highest quality product in line with all GMP standards while addressing an "unmet need in the medical cannabis market"- the supply of superior safety profile cannabis extracts and their derivatives.

He will be discussing how traditional businesses can become industry leaders through innovation.


Rhys Cohen

Political economist

A political economist from the University of Sydney, as well as a cannabis industry expert and educator, he is currently a key link between the Australian government and regulators, and the Lambert initiative.

He will be discussing a number of interesting studies currently taking place, as well as some planned research programs of the Lambert Initiative, including both pre-clinical and clinical research.

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And incredibly, there will even be an in-house cannabis lab at the forum

One of the exhibitors will be building a fully operational extraction lab within the Mediterranean Conference Centre, which, just one year ago, would have been unimaginable.

If you've never seen one of these things up close, now's your chance to experience it.

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The Medical Cannabis World Forum will bring together a unique set of speakers who are shaping the global cannabis industry. From policy makers to business leaders, the forum will provide key insights from the people who are at the forefront of this industry.

The conference will take place on 20th - 21st November 2018, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

If you would like to obtain your entrance ticket, head to the official website by following this link

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