EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's Epic Maestro Burgers Have Landed In Malta

And here's everything you need to know about this new premium menu


Yes, you read that correctly - McDonald's will be the home of the new Maestro Burgers that have been making you drool all over your keyboard for the last week. 

The franchise's latest foray into the burger world will be a scrumptious new experience at all their outlets. Here's everything you need to know about their new Premium Menu.

1. The burgers will be made from the best ingredients

And 'the best' isn't just a phrase being thrown about to sound fancy. The Maestro Burgers will consist of a shiny artisan style brioche bun topped with sesame and poppy seeds, inside of which you'll find delicious cheese melting over long, crispy rashers of bacon taking the whole thing to new flavour heights.

You'll also have new sauces complementing the burgers, one being a more eloquent lemon-mayo, with a hint of fresh lemon, and the other having a wild mustard sauce, with mustard seeds mixed in.


2. They won't break the bank

They may cost a tiny bit more than your average McDonald's meal, but that doesn't mean you'll need to take out a loan to afford quality. It's all about balance.


3. They'll tower over other in-house meals

The burgers will literally take your meal to new (taller) heights, meaning that you'll get even more beef for your buck.

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4. You won't need to suit up

Delicious food doesn't have to mean extra effort. The Maestro Burgers will be prepared at the same speed as your regular McDonald's meal. Who says better has to be pretentious? 

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5. You'll face the ultimate Sophie's Choice

Beef or chicken. The hardest decision you'll ever make.

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6. Your late-night binge will get a whole lot posher

Unlike most places that close up just as that midnight craving hits, McDonald's Maestro Burgers will be there every time you need them!

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