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Flowers Are Over: This Is How You Show Someone You Love Them In Malta

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Getting the perfect gift for a loved one can really be a headache, especially if they are the kind of person who already has everything they need – and flowers are so 20th century.

Valentine’s day is coming up, and instead of giving the usual red rose or box of chocolates to your loved one, how about giving them a personalised song that will last forever?

Forget perishables: get that special someone a LoveBox.

Love Box 2

Only two things are immortal in this world: love, and music. LoveBox mixes the two together to create your own personal depiction of the person you cherish.

Using LoveBox you can create a unique song for your loved one – whoever that loved one is.

You can make a romantic song for your partner, a touching song for a family member, or a hilarious song for your best friend. 

Once you decide who you want to surprise, all you need to do is decide what you want the song to be about, let the Then Tunes team know, and let them take care of everything.

Once the song is complete, it will be placed on a durable metal pen-drive. Then you can decide if you want to deliver it, or if you want the Then Tunes team to personally hand deliver your gift. 

Stages Of Love Box

We wanted to try out LoveBox for ourselves, and so we got the guys to record a song for our very own loved one, Chucky. The guys showed up to a very surprised, and slightly blushing, Chucky, with their cute little LoveBox.

He had no idea what it was, and when he opened it to find a pen drive, he was really curious. And when he plugged in the pen-drive to find a song written all about him, it was safe to say that he was in love.

The best part about LoveBox is, it’s suitable for any event or anniversary. Be it Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a Maltese election, or even to celebrate your friend getting a new job or losing some weight, LoveBox can work wonders and show you really care about someone.

And if you really want to make them laugh, making a whole fully produced song about them is going to be hard to beat. You can literally use LoveBox for anything and anyone, it’s that entertaining.

Tag a friend who needs to get you a LoveBox!

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