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Tune In! GO Set To Unveil Some Big News On Tomorrow’s Episode Of #CovidCalls

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Lovin Malta’s talk show #CovidCalls will tomorrow air an episode featuring none other than Antonio Ivankovic, the Chief Commercial Officer at GO, ahead of what’s set to be a big announcement from the local telecom giants.

Malta’s leading telecommunications services organisation, GO has been a staple on the island. Since their conception, they’ve invested hundreds of millions to not only ensure their network is resilient enough to cope with their high demand, but have recently also committed a further €100 million to roll out TrueFibre technology to every household in the next four years.

It’s been a busy couple of months for GO, with the company stepping up its efforts and offers as the nation hunkered down for weeks of isolation and quasi-lockdowns.

Recently opening its premium channels to every single customer and offering over 10,000 extra hours of films, series and On Demand content, GO also offered free access to their TV app to absolutely everyone… including non-customers. In fact, some 6,000 non-GO customers currently enjoy Live TV, films and series over the app.

As for those who were more heavily or directly impacted by COVID-19, GO rolled out specific offers to help out in these trying times.

Malta’s frontliners – be they nurses, doctors and other medical staff, or members of the Civil Protection Department, police officers and soldiers – were given 1,000 free minutes and 100GB of data so they could stay connected with their families. This offer is still ongoing and will remain there until the worst of this pandemic is over. A total of 24,000 bundles were sent to these heroes.

On top of all that, GO also ensured that customers who were stranded in travel banned countries when the pandemic was kicking off had sufficient means of keeping in touch with their family. Additional credit or discounts on bills definitely helped create some peace of mind amidst the chaos.

“Our objective was to keep Malta connected, and we did without fail,” GO proudly said of the last couple of months that were surely tough on everyone.

Now, the next big rollout of GO’s adapted services is set to be announced tomorrow… on #CovidCalls.

Antonio Ivankovic joined GO in the then-newly-created role of Chief Customer Experience officer back in 2018.

Previously holding a very senior role with Deutsche Telekom in Silicon Valley, Ivankovic was quickly hailed as one of the company’s most exciting additions.

Two years later and now the Chief Commercial Officer at GO, Ivankovic will appear on the next episode of #CovidCalls to talk about the company’s recent endeavours in these confusing times… and the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

Antonio Ivankovic is GO's Chief Commercial Officer

Antonio Ivankovic is GO's Chief Commercial Officer

#CovidCalls will start at 12pm tomorrow and will be hosted as usual by Lovin Malta CEO and founder Chris Peregin.

If you have any questions you would like answered, send an email to chris@lovinmalta.com or comment during the live programme.

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