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GO Swoops In With New Device To Ensure Dogs Like Buddy Will Never Get Lost Again

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It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare to even think about their fur baby getting lost.

Take Buddy for instance; everyone in Malta swooned at the adorable Jack Russell who broke the internet when he ran away from his dog-sitter.

Soon after he was reported missing, Malta went into lockdown mode and sniffer dogs, drones, viral posts and even a Facebook group (created by a total stranger) were involved in the search for Buddy.

Thank the Lord that Buddy was found last Sunday, but unfortunately, more often than none, not all pets and their owners share the same luck.


In comes the GO Connect Pets Tracker!

GO have just launched a GPS/GSM tracker that every fur parent needs immediately.

Basically, it monitors and tracks your lil ones at all times via its app and makes damn sure that it squashes the possibility of losing them.

It looks really slick and only weighs 28 grams (so it definitely isn’t bulky).


We were so lucky to have Buddy and his owner (Mark Tirchett) come to our HQ this morning (it was really hard to get any work done).

Like half of Malta, the GO crew were really touched by Buddy’s heartwarming story, so much so, that they gifted them with a free pet tracker to ensure that they never go through the pain of being separated again.

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The device (which can be bought at a GO store) only costs €19.99 (retail price is €79.99) with a Home Pack and Freedom plan on a two year contract. Then you only pay €4.99 a month.

There’s a lot in the world to worry about these days and losing a pet (Thanks to GO) is no longer one of them. This is the only kinda stalking that we approve of!

Tag a dog or cat owner who needs to see this!

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