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Goodbye Taxify, Hello Bolt: One Of Malta’s Favourite Cab Booking Apps Has Just Undergone A Mega Rebranding

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Since their launch five years ago, Taxify has grown to be more than just a cab-booking app.

Now, millions of people over the world are using them to move around – be it in a car, on a motorcycle, or riding an electric scooter. And they feel it’s time that their name also reflects their mission of building the best way to get people from point A to point B.

Two years ago, Taxify landed in Malta and changed the cab game for good. They have over 250 active cars available on our island at all times, taking people wherever they need to be every day. The average pick-up time is just three minutes.

Bolt Best Service

Taxify is now Bolt – that is the only thing that changed!

There’s no need to download a new app or panic, thinking that your favourite cab service has suddenly vanished. Everything about their service has remained exactly the same.

In English, ‘Bolt’ means lightning. Now it also means getting wherever you need to go – affordably, quickly, comfortably.

Drivers here in Malta are amongst the top in the global Bolt system since they have the highest ratings from clients. There are very cool people working with Bolt here – some of them are full-time drivers, but you can also find yourself getting a ride with anyone from a DJ to a barber, to a real estate agent to a nurse. Talk about an interesting ride!

You’re just an app and a tap away from Bolting to your desired destination, hassle-free. Download the Bolt app from the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

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Keep an eye out for some cool new features coming up soon. The guys at Bolt have got some surprises up their sleeves… the future is electric!

Tag a friend who has had enough of the parking hassle and should start using Bolt!

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