Here's Where Vintage Fashion Fans Can Get Their Fix In Malta

These rare gems will remind you of the good old fashion days

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We all love fashion high-street brands and we're spoiled for choice here in Malta. But where do you go for vintage fashion, or authentic pieces from the good old days? The Warehouse, that's where. This hidden gem in Valletta is definitely the spot to get your affordable vintage fix in Malta and they guarantee that every hand-picked item in store was well-researched and has an individual story.

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Located on the ground floor of the Savoy Arcade in Valletta, you'll find high quality, low prices, fashionable pieces... what's not to love?

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We had a real Cher from Clueless moment when we browsed around the store to pick our favourite pieces.

Here were our stare-worthy faves:

1. Red Glossy Skirt from Kookai, €20

Diesel Leather Skirt 1995 20Euro

This red faux leather mini skirt was produced in the 80s but the shape and white zip detail gives the design a total 60s vibe - groovy baby!

What a bargain!

2. Leather Jacket from Diesel, €150

Diesel 2002 100Euro

Western, leather and tasseled, this Diesel jacket designed in the 90s ticks all the boxes.

Team with a pair of Levis 525 bootcut jeans or over a floral dress to give your outfit an instant vintage makeover.

3. Denim Shirt from Diesel, €25

Diesel Denim

Everyone needs a denim shirt in their wardrobe. They’re versatile and forever in style.

Wear this 80s baby buttoned up, or open over a tee; just don’t forget to roll up those sleeves.

4. Marine Velvet Jacket from Diesel, €60

Diesel Marine Velvet Jacket 60 Euro

Yaasss to this velvet corduroy jacket! Buy it big and boxy and wear over a thick-knit jumper à la Johnny Depp, back in 90s.

5. Polo neck from Diesel, €25

Diesel Knitwear

The Warehouse Vintage is packed with similar bargains for both men and women, and this 1998 knit polo neck is giving us an indie vibe that we're absolutely lovin.

6. Jeans from Levi's, €30

Levis Jeans 30Euro

These Levi's 590 and Rachel from Friends made mom jeans cool. If you're looking for an OG denim fit look no further than these babies. And they're comfortable AF.

7. Varsity jacket from Kookai, €35

Kookai Jumper

It’s true that some classics never die, and the Varsity Jacket is one of them.

Throw on this super cute Kookai Varsity staple from the 80s and make like you’re back at college.

BONUS: The iconic Levi's 529 Bootcut jeans

Levis Bootcut

1873 marked the birth of the blue jean, the year Levi's patented the O.G blue jean with rivets. Fast forward a couple decades and this staple is still considered THE jean to own.

Why? These 529 bootcut jeans fit like a dream, hugging all the curves in all the right places. These jeans are pretty much the perfect pair to match with practically anything from a knit jumper to a cool band-tee.

There aren't that many vintage shops in Malta, so it's refreshing to see that The Warehouse are bridging that (annoying) gap in the market.

They want to expand even more since they already began test driving their vintage range on ASOS marketplace as well as their website (which must've worked, since some styles were completely sold out in UK, Australia, US and Japan online).

AND they've just announced they're launching more vintage for the local market as they dedicate an area in The Warehouse Outlet in Attard to their vintage range from mid-January.

Head over to their Instagram page, or any of their shops to grab some iconic quality statement clothes at prices so low, you'll need to do a double-take!

Come on now, where else could you buy some branded vintage pieces for a fraction of the price?

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