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Malta’s Favourite Student App Releases New Update Full Of Awesome Features Just In Time For Freshers’ Week

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If you’ve studied in Malta in the last couple of years, it’s virtually impossible to not have heard of FreeHour. Topping download charts and helping students manage their free time in between lectures, the app is properly killing it online, and with the most recent release, the new semester is about to get a whole lot more efficient.

FreeHour Version 4 is here, and it’s bringing with it a list of new features!

Just in time for the new semester, the new version of FreeHour has some great updates ready for Malta’s students.

From making it better to organise your own schedule to gaining an insight to your friends’, here’s a rundown of what you can now do with FreeHour!

1. Don’t feeling like manually inputting your timetable? You no longer need to!

With the new version of FreeHour, you can now import your timetable from a friend who has the same or similar timetable, or if your faculty uses an Google Calendar, you can sync it to FreeHour in just a few taps.

An update for medical students including multi-calendar support is also coming this weekend, so that’s another awesome thing to look out for.

2. View your friends’ full timetable

Sure, you could always use FreeHour to find out when you have common free lessons with friends, but now it also goes a step further.

Maybe you’re not currently next to your friends and you need to check who is able to meet later on today. Maybe you just want to be on top of things ahead of a particularly busy week.

Whatever it is, if you get permission from your friends, you’ll be able to view their timetable in full. Organisation Level: 100.

3. Enjoy a New Student Offers section

Everyone loves offers, but when you’re not getting a full wage, it’s a mix of loving and needing offers.

To help sweeten the deal, FreeHour’s new Student Offers section will be helping to pinpoint all the hot offers around the island… including an Around Campus section for each local school.

4. Keep track of all your deadlines with a new Tasks & Assignments section

You might be on top of your free period game, but you could always do with a couple of helpful reminders when it comes to assignments.

With FreeHour’s new Tasks & Assignments section that is coming very soon, you won’t ever have to come up with a silly excuse about why you forgot to hand in your assignment in time. You’re welcome.

5. Welcome the new semester with a design revamp

It’s soon 2019, which means it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new.

FreeHour 4.0 comes with a completely redesigned Student & Friends tab, along with many more screens that have been given a sleeker, more modern feel.

Of course, all of these join the features that so many local students have come to know and love, like Lecture Reminders, Student Jobs, Exam Countdown, and our personal favourite, the Stipend Countdown!

FreeHour are also giving away three €100 ASOS vouchers to help you up your campus game!

Need some important additions to your semester wardrobe? Well, FreeHour is here to save the day.

A new competition that’s just been announced will have three lucky winners taking home €100 ASOS vouchers to really take their campus game up a notch. All you need to do to be in with a chance is tag two friends and share the video yourself, and you’re on your way to a new wardrobe courtesy of FreeHour and ASOS!

Check out the full info on the competition right here and download FreeHour on the App Store or Google Play today!

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