Malta's First Insurance Loyalty Scheme Launches App

Protection AND major discounts on stuff we love

If you like instant rewards, you might struggle to understand the point of insurance. Sure, there's lots of benefits in the long run, like protecting yourself from financial ruin in case of a disaster. But is that really enough? 

That's why MAPFRE Middlesea has developed Malta's first insurance loyalty scheme. Insure and Save let's you do just that: insure yourself, while also getting sweet discounts on a bunch of awesome stuff. 

But there's more. MAPFRE Middlesea has now created an app to go with its loyalty scheme. This makes getting discounts much easier. Who wants loyalty cards in 2017 when an app can do the job? 

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Here's everything you need to know about it 

  • Loyalty scheme members get up to a 35% discount from the dozens of outlets around Malta and Gozo included in the scheme.
  • The outlets include places like hotels, pubs, restaurants, fashion and department stores, and many more.
  • Members who download the app receive location-based alerts if there's a discount nearby.
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And seeing as Valentine's Day is around the corner, why not grab your loved one and get matching insurance plans and loyalty schemes? Nothing says 'I love you' like being covered against unforeseen liabilities... and great discounts. 

Head down to the Plaza Shopping Centre in Sliema on Saturday 11th February, where MAPFRE Middlesea will be having a promotional event for this nifty new scheme. You could win even more discounts... #justsayin

How quickly can you sign up? Just give the good people at MAPRE Middlesea Insurance a shout and ask them to hook you up. Once that's done, the loyalty scheme's 24-hour helpline is open for you to call upon with your questions at any time. Just dial 22480222.

Happy saving!