Malta's Oldest Online Business Directory Blasts Into The Future

Helping you Findit for over a decade


There's no denying how much easier life has become now that the internet has infiltrated all aspects of life. From chunky desktop computers to paper-thin mobile phones, you can easily find everything at your fingertips. But even in a world full of lightning-quick search results, it can always get better. And that's exactly what Malta's oldest online business directory is up to.

Ever since it launched back in 2006, Findit has managed to bring together thousands of local businesses in their constantly-updated database. And in that decade, they've dealt with tens of millions of searches. Now, the website is ready to brace its second decade in style.

As if you needed another reason to use Findit, they're giving away €1,000 a month to random reviewer on the site.

Yep, you read that right.

Every month, a winner will be chosen from the people who leave reviews on Findit and given €1,000. You know what that means right? 

Time to review!

Being informed about what businesses are offering and what they are up to has never been easier thanks to Findit's new Deals section. Allowing you to see the deals of the day, this section joins other like the Brands one, where you can quickly track down the specific brand you are after.

Beyond all that, the individual listings themselves are now even more detailed, including multiple addresses, opening hours, contact names, additional photos and even video links.

If you see something you like, you don't even need to contact each business individually. Just fill in one simple form, and send to all the businesses you want. Add the option to review the business, and you've got your hands on an essential

"In short, a damned fine website just got a whole lot better," Findit explained. And we couldn't help but agree with them.

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So what are you waiting for?

Check out Findit's new website to make your life way easier, and be in with a chance of winning some money in the meantime!

Tag someone who needs to check out the new Findit website... and who'd love to have an extra €1,000 to spend!