Malta's Set To Get A Dose Of Raunchy Comedy And Political Satire All In One

Adult Panto is a thing and it's coming just one week after the General Election

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Panto has become part and parcel of many Maltese families' annual Christmas plans, but now, we've got a brand new comedy appointment for the more mature... in age, that is.

Adult Panto is coming!

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Now in its fourth edition, Adult Panto promises to deliver the political satire that all Maltese people have come to love, along with a heavy dose of naughty comedy. 

This year will be centred around the age-old story of Little Red Riding Hood, but production company Ants In Pants will definitely be adding a cheeky change or five to the original narrative. Expect mentions of Acapulco, Panama, the Azure Window, and a couple of jabs at previous Maltese Prime Ministers.

The concept behind the event is to organise an 'anti-panto', so no Pantomime tradition is safe from skewing. The show will be naughty instead of nice, for grown-ups rather than children, and in summer instead of at Christmas. The only thing which will still be present is the political satire, which will actually be taken to overdrive at such a perfectly-timed pivotal moment in our country's political history.

The show is written and directed by Steve Hili, a pro comic who's currently making it big time in the UK, what with five-star reviews for his fringe show Burning Love. To The Ground and his scripts being shortlisted by the BBC. "Every year we hope the Prime Minister will turn up," said comedian Steve Hili. "He never does, but with the election being so close to our performance, we have decided to go to him!" And go to him they will, be organising the whole thing at Spazju Kreattiv in St. James Cavalier, "literally just a few metres away from Dr. Muscat and all the other MPs".

The star-studded lineup doesn't end with Steve Hili though; the Little Red Riding Hood Adult Panto is being produced by Michael Fenech, the brains behind Bla Kondixin, and will feature some of Malta's top comedy talent. Joe Depasquale, Joseph Zammit, Burlesque queen Undine LaVerve and TV personalities Larissa Bonaci and Taryn Mamo Cefai will all be taking the stage, with comedy legend Malcolm Galea as the notorious dame. 

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Expect hilarious satire with a healthy dose of silly, panto-style songs... slightly altered to include very naughty lyrics, of course. Previous editions have had everything from mankinis to a monster called Zoppy, so you can only imagine what's coming your way this year. 

In case this wasn't enough, anybody who comes to the late night 10.30pm show on Saturday the 17th will also get a complimentary drink, just to help get them started. "After all the tension the country has been through, we all deserve a drink," the organisers said. Truer words have never been spoken. 

If you're over 18 years old but still enjoy some hilariously immature comedy, this is definitely the event for you.

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