Malta’s Stunning Capital To Provide Backdrop To International Charity Run & Walk

Valletta has been chosen as the backdrop the international Global Run Valletta – talk about a scenic route!

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Marathon season is feared by most Facebook users. But this time – it's different. 

A new international run has just been announced, and it will revolutionise your news feed. It's called Global Run Valletta and is being organised by Global Ports Holding, the people behind the Global Run Series. Its main aim is to promote running and active lifestyle – encouraging participants to live healthily all year round, not just during the event.

Valletta has been chosen to provide runners with the most epic backdrop as they race for charity. It's in good company too – past Global Runs have been held in Kotor, Montenegro and Bodrum, Turkey. The gorgeous Valletta Waterfront and Cruise Port will the starting point and event area. 

Here's all you need to know about the event:

It's for a super good cause

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Registered participants will be running and walking for Puttinu Cares – one of Malta's most loved charities for its inspiring work in supporting the people in need, especially those battling cancer. 

So all participants need to do is pay €10 to take part in the 10K run, or €5 for the 5K run, or the 5K walk. That all goes towards helping people. So you come out of it 1) fit AF 2) an amazing person. 

You can go solo or in a group


Whether you prefer to go it alone, or are looking to reach your ultimate squad goals – this is the race for you. The event accepts both individual, family and corporate registrations.

Photography-junkies can also join the party


The organisers are calling on photography professionals and enthusiasts to enter a competition which aims to capture the spectacle of the race. 

The competition ‘GRV – Sports & Tourism’ is open to all residents of Malta and Gozo (18+ years age at the time of submission). Prizes include cash awards and certificates while the top 13 entries may be featured on the Global Run Valletta 2017 annual calendar.

It's totes profesh

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Global Run Valletta promotes running and active lifestyle. It's a super high-quality event, and has been set up in accordance with the regulations of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the Malta Amateur Athletics Association (MAAA). 

So if you want to up your runner-cred – this is the event for you. 

Your Instagram feed will love it

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How often do you get a legitimate chance to take stretching-selfies against the Grand Harbour as a backdrop? Seize this unparalleled photo-op.

Valletta gets yet another shout out 

Everyone knows we're always looking for another reason to show the world how truly awesome Valletta is. 

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