This Maltese Insurance Company Wants To Make Sure You're Prepared For Medicane Dnegel 2.0

Guarantee a calm AFTER the storm

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Your home is one of the most important things in your life. It's not just about the physical property but everything inside it, including the people who live there.

Imagine this scenario.

You've finally reached peak adulting by securing a house. You've made that house a home and invested loads of time and money ensuring that your casa is perfect. And then the inevitable happens... Mother Nature's wrath.

If there's one thing that last month's apocalyptic storm has taught us, it's that home insurance is important, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Fortunately enough, GasanMamo Insurance have your back, and here are some reasons why you should totally consider their home insurance.

1. They won't let you risk losing it all for reasons beyond your control

Just imagine the potential damage to your home that can leave you absolutely distraught and devastated.

A short circuit for example, can lead to a huge fire. Your furniture, beloved possessions, and any valuable items you saved up for, can be gone in one second.

Don't let that happen to you.

2. And they cover almost everything from theft to earthquakes

We're talking cover for loss or damage following a storm, flood, acts of idiots, fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake, theft, riot and vandalism!

Also, they'll cover accidental damages to buildings and the contents inside, as well covering your legal liability towards third parties as the owner of your buildings.

3. They let you insure selected items on an All Risk basis

If you've got jewellery, electronics and any other personal belongings you want to protect, then you can absolutely insure them against accidental loss or damage anywhere around the island (or internationally if you're on a short holiday or business trip).

4. The bloody good price

Their home insurance policies won't break the bank and costs as little as €0.40 per day for adequate protection of your home.

5. Super simple!

First of all, get a quote and buy online, it's as easy as ordering a takeaway.

No lengthy forms are involved either, you just need to make sure to have the following are in hand: reconstruction value of the property and the full replacement value of all the household contents.

If they need further info, they'll let you know.

So what are you waiting for? When the next big storm hits Malta, don't let it put your whole life on hold. Make sure you have everything covered and rest assured that you have the support you need.

Featured Photo Images by Frances Chircop and Hilary Galea Lauri

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