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Mystery Solved: This Is What The Iconic Iron Throne Was Doing In Valletta

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So it turns out the whole thing was one massive stunt by GO, promoting a box set specifically designed for maximum GOT binging

As Game of Thrones is set to finally return for one last mega series premiering on Sunday 14th April (yep, that’s next week!), you’re going to want to have the best possible set-up when it comes to streaming the hyped finale.

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We might officially be in spring now, but for fans of one of the biggest TV series to ever be released, we’re still very much in winter. Malta joined the Game of Thrones hype train yesterday when a full replica of the Iron Throne mysteriously appeared in Valletta yesterday. Beyond getting some juicy stats on the beast, we finally have some answers on what it was all about.

At almost 2.5 metres high, the throne has 250 swords and weighs over a staggering 250 kilos! Made of laser-cut metal (not dragon breath but looking just as cool), it took a whole 135 hours to construct.

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There’s badass, then there’s this

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GO’s GOT box set allows all local lovers of the HBO giant to watch the last and biggest season with ease and comfort. Because why settle for anything less than quick, instant and fully HD for such a momentous occasion?

So how does it work?

As of the 15th April, new weekly episodes from GOT’s final season will be available on GO Box Sets.

Game of Thrones is exclusive on GO Box Sets meaning you can watch it whenever you want, and their 30-day ‘try-and-buy’ offer is also extended to whoever joins GO with up to three months free Home Pack included.

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Check out all the info GO’s new box sets right here!

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the final season right here to whet your appetite.

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