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New Year, New Eye-Watering Prize: Will This Week’s Insane $321 Million Powerball Jackpot Be Won From Malta?

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You could’ve started 2020 off in the best way possible. Updated your bucket list, kicked off a kick-ass diet,  streamlined your wardrobe, already started achieving your aims for the decade… the whole lot. Well, we’re ready to one-up it all.

The ludicrous American Powerball is back, and it’s brought with it an eye-watering jackpot of $321 million.


Don’t worry, take all the time you need to process that insane number. But when you’re done crying and daydreaming, come back so I let you know how to go about being in the chance of winning it from Malta!

Back? OK, let’s do this.

So, if you want to become Malta’s first Powerball winner, it’s actually all very simple.

Contrary to popular belief, these massive jackpots that make American headlines can still be won from across the Atlantic. All you need is an internet connection and some extra special luck!

If you’ve been dreaming about reading the headline Maltese Resident Wins Biggest Lottery Prize In The World, then here’s how to make that a reality. Listen up!

Your first stop is going to be signing up to theLotter

From here, choose to play the Powerball – or any of the other lottery games available from all over the world while you’re at it – and pick your lucky numbers.

After that, it’s all down to theLotter’s local agents in the United States, who will buy official lottery tickets on your behalf and keep them safe until the draw.

The website charges you a service fee and you will see your tickets scanned in your private account before the draw. When you win, the entire prize is yours, commission free!

That all sounds cool enough… but does it actually work? And is it even legal?

The short answers are two glorious YESes.

According to the official Powerball website, that are no limitations who can “purchase a ticket, play the game and collect prizes”. The site even clearly states: “You do not have to be a [US] citizen or resident to play the game”.

As for American Lottery winning, Powerball had actually awarded $1.586 million to three lucky winners in January 2016, with another person winning $1.537 million after having played the Mega Millions in October 2018.

theLotter has an incredible track-record of international winners, with over 5 million winners from across the globe taking home nearly $100 million worth of prizes.

In July 2019, one lucky Kuwaiti player won a South Africa Daily Lotto jackpot prize of nearly €10,000, with another winner taking home another €10,000 by playing the Mexico Chispazo two months later. Oh, and that last winner had won a $1 million prize playing the Mega Millions in 2017!

But theLotter’s biggest winner so far is Aura D. a retired woman from Panama who was still working to support her kids. That is, until she became the sole winner in a Florida Lotto draw back in July 2017… instantly winning $30 million.

Last – but definitely not least – nine of theLotter’s players from around the world won €50,000 each in the Loteria de Navidad raffle that just went down on 22 December 2019. Talk about ending the year on a high note!

So if you’re looking to kick 2020 off in the best way possible, this is your chance to add a cool $321 million to your bank account. Then see whether your bucket list and aims for the year get crossed off even easier than before.

For even more information on how to play the upcoming Powerball draw, check out theLotter.com. Good luck and play responsibly!

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