OMFG: Unite With Tomorrowland Is Coming To Malta

Is this real life?!

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Stop whatever you're doing and get ready to text everyone you know. Thanks to local promoters Aria People, Unite With Tomorrowland is coming to Malta.

That's right - Malta will be united with Tomorrowland (the festival that sees hundreds of thousands of party-goers from literally every walk of life) directly from our shores. 

Tomorrowland will be creating magic all around the world this summer, and on Saturday 29 July, Unite With Tomorrowland will be organised in Malta and seven other countries across the globe. 

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"On the 29th of July at the Marsa Sports Grounds, you can be a part of this global phenomenon"

This event will bring that indescribable vibe to our shores and on top of that there will also be an awesome line up with international and local artists. 

What's more, a live satellite connection will be set up with Tomorrowland in Belgium and guests at Unite with Tomorrowland will be able to experience DJ sets of the headliners, live from the legendary Mainstage.

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With a hefty dose of Tomorrowland magic, eight different events will be staged so that even on the other side of the world, you'll be able to experience the festival first-hand. 

Malta, South-Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Lebanon, Dubai, Spain and Israel are gearing up for their own “Unite with Tomorrowland” parties. Guests can look forward to an international name on one of the Tomorrowland stages, along with local DJ talent and plenty of spectacular showmanship and fireworks. 

Bringing the whole world together in a positive way in Boom: Tomorrowland will be doing it again this year for the 13th time at the provincial recreational domain De Schorre. 

Tomorrowland regularly sells out in no time and that means that a lot of People of Tomorrow are left disappointed. That's why, on Saturday 29 July, during Tomorrowland’s Amicorum Spectaculum, a satellite connection will be set up from Boom (Belgium) to the different locations. That is Tomorrowland’s way of making the world a little smaller once more and bringing people closer together for one big memorable, musical weekend.


On the 29th of July at the Marsa Sports Grounds, you can be a part of this global phenomenon. Tickets for this event and the lineup will be out soon, so watch this space for more information!

Known for their elaborate stages and colourful parties, Unite With Tomorrowland Malta will transform the Marsa Sports Grounds into a fantasy world. Expect an enormous, decorated stage that will blast electronic dance music from 2pm until 2am; that's 12 hours of music. Even their logo delves into the dream, with the butterfly wings representing freedom, beauty and the purity of the human soul.

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