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Pizza Hut, KFC And Burger King Can All Be Delivered Around Malta Now! Here’s How

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Ever found yourself craving classic mouthwatering fast food but not wanting to get out of bed? Well Malta, we have great news for you… and it’s coming at you on two wheels.

Fans of fast food giants Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut will now have an easier time enjoying delicious burgers, pizzas and fried chicken straight from home.

And it’s all thanks to Wolt.

The Finnish delivery pros have been serving households all around the Maltese islands with some seriously tasty dishes throughout this very weird and eventful year. Now, they’re about to take things up a notch by including some of the biggest and most beloved names in fast food in their ranks.

Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut will now be joining the scores of restaurants already available on Wolt’s long list of eateries, and we can’t wait for cheesy crust pizzas in bed and a Whopper on the sofa (because who wouldn’t?!)

And with Burger King currently encouraging people to deliver from everywhere – including its rivals – it’s time to do the tastiest duty yet!

Just download the Wolt app for Android or iOs, set up an account in a couple of minutes, and get ready to feast on some tasty grub.

Wondering when you’ll be able to order from these three giants via Wolt? Well, we now have a date!

Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut will be delivering from Wolt as of today.

That’s just enough time to get body and soul ready for their tasty food.

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All photos by Daryl Cauchi.

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