Ready, Set, GO: Unite With Tomorrowland Malta Tickets Are Out Now

And the first batch is already sold out!

After a couple of weeks of uncontrollable hype following the announcement that Unite With Tomorrowland is coming to Malta, tickets are finally on sale. And in an insane twist of events, the first batch of tickets are already sold out!


The second batch of tickets are now on sale for 35, so you'd better get your hands on them right before even those inevitably disappear into thin air. 

What are you waiting for?! Buy them HERE!

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Earlier last week, Aria People announced that international DJs would be flying to Malta to perform on a huge 35 metre "monster stage" designed by Tomorrowland. 

As it stands, the Facebook event received more than 15,000 replies, and that number is set to go up as more people spread the love and excitement for the big night on the 29th of July!

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