Who's The Fastest Of Them All? International Award Confirms Malta's Fastest Mobile Network Provider

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Having a reliable internet connection has become one of the most important things in the 21st century, and with so much time of our everyday lives being spent on mobile phones, speed is as important as ever. If you're wondering which Maltese network to choose based on pure speed, we now have an answer for you.

Net Check, a prestigious international certification body that has tested the speeds of all the giants in the telecoms business, has announced GO as Malta's fastest mobile network. And when we say "fastest", we're talking 120Mbps of raw speed, straight to the people's smartphones. 

Net Check's involved three main areas; network coverage, voice quality and data quality. And while GO reigned supreme in all three areas, mobile internet is definitely where the company demonstrated its superiority.

This prestigious certification is an award which is only reserved for the best European technology leaders, and acknowledging GO as Malta's fastest automatically places the local company on the forefront of mobile technology innovation. In other words; there can only be one top spot in Malta, and GO took it. Sorry everyone else!

“This motivates us to keep going and increase our momentum," said Attila Keszeg, the CEO at GO plc. He continued to say that GO are not limiting themselves to simply launching 4G+ in the near future, but are also dedicated to maintain great speeds till that happens. 

The final results show that GO's mobile internet is 50% faster than its closest runner-up. And GO promises to keep that record-breaking speed all over Malta and Gozo. 

For more information on how to get your hands on GO's super fast network, check out their official website.

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