The Great Lovin Malta Rib-Eating Contest

There was no contest


Life at Lovin Malta gets harder everyday. This week we were tested beyond our limits. We held a rib-eating contest. 

First we wore our bibs.

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Then we were served six steaming racks of smokehouse ribs by Chef Eric Magro. 

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These tender babies were tender AF and slathered in Hanks' signature BBQ sauce. 

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We hit two minutes on the timer and let it rip. 

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It was immediately obvious the girls were going to have a tough time.

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Ann's time was mostly taken up laughing and enjoying life.

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Img 6732

Kira got traumatic flashbacks of her days as a vegetarian. 

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Chucky ploughed through the ribs like his life depended on it.

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But nobody could match the skilled athleticism with which Chris tore through those delicious ribs. 

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In fact, he kept eating till long after the two minutes were up and even took home a doggy bag.

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These are the official results: 

In last place: Kira Drury who managed only five ribs in two minutes.

3rd place: Ann Dingli who swallowed six ribs before time was up.

2nd place: Chucky Bartolo who ate a total of eight ribs: four per minute.

1st place: Christian Peregin who ploughed through 9 ribs and still had space for more.


Now it's your turn. Challenge a friend to a rib-eating contest by tagging them in the comments below or on Facebook. We'll choose a winner at random and you'll eat on Hanks.

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Written By

Chris Peregin