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These Are Malta’s Top 25 Movers And Shakers Under 25

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Say what you want about Millennials and their avocado toast or Generation Z and their iPads; Malta’s young people are chock-full of talent and ambition. From aspiring politicians, to entrepreneurs, to artists, we’ve got it all.

A few weeks back, inspired by Vodafone’s Shake Campaign, Lovin Malta asked readers to nominate outstanding individuals under the age of 25 they thought really shook things up and helped shape the island in 2018.

In no particular order, here are Malta’s top 25 movers and shakers (as voted by you), and one of our favourite quotes about them.

1. Thomas Borg

17-years-old, Paralympic swimmer

Instagram: @thomas10borg

Thomas is an inspirational aspiring paralympic athlete who will let nothing get in his way. He aims to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in swimming.

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2. Luke Chappell

15-years-old, Singer-songwriter and the youngest X Factor Malta finalist

Instagram: @lukechappellofficial

A humble and talented young artist who has made a big impact this year, Luke Chappell is affectionately known as “the baby” of X Factor Malta’s first edition. Having made it to the competition’s final rounds, the 15-year-old went from no one knowing him to having an original track on the charts in just 12 months.


3. Max Thake

22-years-old, Blockchain entrepreneur

Instagram: @thake_

Max is a blockchain entrepreneur based in Berlin. He has founded a number of companies, two of which are valued in the millions. While doing all this, he also co-authored a book on the history of cryptocurrency with Germany’s biggest crypto star and set up a volunteer project using blockchain to help investigative journalists. He’s a Maltese mover and shaker in an industry that’s moving and shaking the world.


4. Gaia Cauchi

16-years-old, Musical artist

Instagram: @gaiacauchi

Ever since her victory at the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Gaia has been one of those breakthrough names that just keep getting bigger. Most recently, Gaia made it to the Judge’s Houses round at X Factor UK, with Robbie Williams confirming that the young Maltese singer really does have the X Factor. Not to mention Simon Cowell himself drawing comparisons with superstar singer Camila Cabello!


5. Lea Ellul Sullivan

12-years-old, Ballet dancer

At just 12 years old, Lea is Malta’s very first ever International Scholar at the Royal Ballet School. In 2016, she was chosen as one of the 10 best contemporary soloist semi-finalists at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP).

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6. Philippa Cassar

23-years-old, Performer and Musician

Instagram: @philcas

One half of sister-duo The New Victorians, Philippa’s career has already made a solid mark on the music and performing arts scene here and abroad. The associate director of the National Theatre of Scotland hailed the New Victorians as “the vanguard of a new generation of theatre makers… that will take the world by storm.”

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7. Francesca Curmi

16-years-old, Tennis player

Instagram: @francesca_curmi

Earlier last year, before she even turned 16, this sports starlet became the first Maltese athlete to qualify for the Main Round of the prestigious Roland-Garros Juniors.

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8. Eve Borg Bonello

15-years-old, Aspiring Politician

Instagram: @il_politikanta

Malta’s youngest politician is an unashamedly progressive, 15-year-old girl. People are already praising Eve for having the courage to speak up and address current issues some politicians double her age are still shying away from. After being thrust into the limelight at the Nationalist Party’s recent annual general council meeting and delivering an impassioned speech in favour of the free press that belied her years, Eve is only getting started.


9. Raphael Pace

23-years-old, Musical theatre performer

Instagram: @raphaelpace

At the age of 16, Raphael moved to the UK to pursue his dream of studying musical theatre. He is currently touring the UK, playing the role of Bobby C in Saturday Night Fever.


10. Sergio Laferla

23-years-old, Artist and dancer

Instagram: @scar.art.v

When he’s not going viral for his awesome dance moves, Sergio is doing wonders for the LGBT+ community, being unapologetically himself and breaking boundaries.

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11. 215Collective

20-years-old, Hip-hop trio

Instagram: @the215collective

Setting standards for music in Malta and paving the way to the international scene, young hip hop artists Eddie Fresco, Caro and Yannick have been at the forefront of a hip hop renaissance here in Malta as the genre continues to grow in popularity and relevance over the world.


12. Anthony Mifsud

16-years-old, Festival organiser and DJ

Instagram: @antofficial

ANT organises extremely successful teen parties in Malta, but has also made a name for himself as one of the most promising DJs on the island.

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13. Andrew Randon

24-years-old, Videographer and film maker

Instagram: @randonraw

Making waves within the industry and his own career, Randon’s cinematography and film making has taken a huge leap over the years, with his work being featured alongside some of the continent’s greatest.

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14. Jacob Cachia

21-years-old, Business owner

Instagram: @titaniumman97

The Titanium Man himself, Jacob is hard working and a true inspiration for survival. The coffee shop is a huge success, as are all of the clubs they run from it. He is an inspiration to everyone, especially anyone who has come up against a life changing circumstance, and continues to show anything is possible if you try and believe.

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15. Shannon Jo Abela

19-years-old, DJ

Instagram: @shanjomusic

Even her London Sound Academy tutors agree that Shannon easily stands out from the crowd. She has DJed in the famous Ministry of Sound and in Ibiza and her new music production is taking shape. A great ambassador for Malta spreading a message of equality and diversity through music, she is definitely one to watch for 2019.

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16. Denise Kim Gafa

24-years-old, Influencer and business owner

Instagram: @denisegafa_

50% tattoos, 50% crossfit, 100% awesome. Gafa was basically born to be on Instagram, and the hardworking influencer-turned-business owner is an inspiration to her 20,000 strong followers.

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17. Zach Ciappara

20-years-old, Entrepreneur

Instagram: @zach_ciappara

Two years ago, at the age of 18, Zach Ciappara crowdfunded, developed and launched an app called FreeHour, which is now the largest student platform the island has ever seen. With over 17,000 unique Maltese students registered to the app, FreeHour dominates 60% of the local student population.


18. Grandayy

24-years-old, YouTuber

Instagram: @grandayyyyyy

Choosing memes over a medical degree, this Maltese YouTuber is way more than the first local to reach a million subscribers on the popular streaming site. Consistently getting millions of views on his videos, the 24-year-old memelord has built a weirdly wonderful online friendship with some of the biggest names in the industry… including the world’s most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie, who’s actually one of the young Maltese man’s biggest fans.

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19. Dillon Mercieca

24-years-old, Local sports scene

Instagram: @dillon.mercieca

Dillon takes care of South End Core, increasing love and pride to the national football, rugby and waterpolo teams. Although Malta doesn’t bring a lot of results, Dillon continues to bring interest and dedication to the national team. He also takes people abroad to watch the national teams play abroad and for us Maltese to experience the ‘away days’.

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20. Emma Muscat

19-years-old, Musical artist

Instagram: @emmamuscat_official

After smashing it in Italy on Amici, Emma has kept rising from performing with big Italian artists to selling out multiple events both in Malta and in Italy. Oh, and she also casually triggered a national debate on language in the meantime.

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21. Jake Engerer

16-years-old, Football player

Instagram: @jakeengerer

Living in Italy for the last two and a half years with the determination of becoming a professional footballer, Jake has played with Cesena and Frosinone and this year he is continuing to pursue his dream back in Cesena.

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22. Alexandra Alden

24-years-old, Singer-songwriter and the youngest X Factor Malta judge

Instagram: @alexandraaldenn

From her work as a beloved folksy singer-songwriter to her recent appearance on X Factor Malta’s judging panels alongside three of the biggest names in the business, Alex has become a household name on the island.

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23. Emma Tranter

21-years-old, Photographer and tour manager

Instagram: @etranter

Tranter has hit an international level of photography with some of world-famous artists. She travels the world managing DJ-duo Nervo, while at the same time obtaining a masters. Tranter has also hit the local scene with two photo exhibitions at a young age, and her Instagram account is the stuff of thousands of people’s dreams.


24. Elsa Cassar

19-years-old, Scout

Instagram: @elsa.cassar

The youngest person to ever become the chairperson of the youth council of scouts, Elsa is also the first female head of the council.

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25. Daniel Attard

23-years old, DJ and producer

Instagram: @whereitsatt1

Born in Malta, Daniel is one half of DJ/Producer Duo Where It’s ATT. At the age of just 23, his music was streamed over half a million times online, and he soon ended up DJing in countries like Australia and Greece. Two of Daniel’s tracks have charted in the Top 40 in the Australian (ARIA) Club Charts, and he’s had his remixes distributed by Universal Music.

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