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These SuperPods Could Be The Answer To Those Annoying WiFi Gaps Around Your Maltese Home

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You know when you’re in the middle of a really exciting episode or film on Netflix, and just as things are getting intense, it stops to buffer? Or when you’re FaceTiming your daughter who lives halfway across the continent and the video cuts because you’ve lost connection?

Or you literally walk two steps away from your router and the WiFi disappears?

It sucks. And it happens way too often here in Malta because of the congestion of wireless devices in any given area working at any given time, as well as the way our houses are built. We have some thicc walls.

Well, these SuperPods are here with the solution to all your connectivity problems

It’s all thanks to the introduction of GigaPower gigabit fibre internet plus StellarWiFi, meshed together in your own Adaptive WiFi network managed by SuperPods and an app called Plume.

I know, that’s a lot of words. But it’s basically an in-home network of WiFi access points that you can control from an app on your mobile phone.

The SuperPods block out foreign WiFi signals which will increase both the performance, and the speed of your signal. But that’s not all! SuperPods are also capable of tracking the data usage in your home and adjusting the signal to benefit different devices at a certain time or place, which means that the WiFi connection remains strongly consistent and consistently strong, wherever you are in your house!

The SuperPods are powered by an app called Plume, developed in California and first introduced to Europe by Melita.

Plume allows you to monitor and control your in-home WiFi from the comfort of your mobile phone

Oh, and all StellarWiFi customers will be given a free Plume membership!

This includes a whole host of intriguing features, such as the AI Security aspect which will help to make sure that your connection is protected at all times, and the HomePass® feature which parents can use to monitor their children’s online activity!

Plume’s Adaptive WiFialso fills your entire home with the strongest possible signal, carried throughout the home by the SuperPods, and ensures that users receive the most reliable and consistent home WiFi experience on any device.

All this control is available from the app itself, at just a simple push of a button. And who doesn’t love some easily attainable power?

If you are already a Flexi Bundle customer, you can add on StellarWiFi for just €5 a month! And that includes two SuperPods and the Plume membership

But if it’s the ultimate internet experience you’re after, you can get the GigaPower Flexi Bundle which includes 1000 Mbps internet, StellarWiFi two SuperPods, TV and telephony, for only €49.99. Available to EVERYONE!

StellarWiFi is available for purchase right now; all you need to do is visit Melita’s website for more information on their Flexi bundle and how to get yourself set up.

Tag a friend who deserves a faster and stronger connection in their home!

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