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This Maltese Disco Bus Will Solve All Your Summer Partying Problems

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Do your greatest summer woes involve any of the following: Not having a car to get you to your night out; not being able to park your car when you’re out, because – parking in Malta; not being able to relax and enjoy your night because you know you have to drive home after; all your friends asking you for a lift out because you’re the only one with a license; almost crashing every time you’re driving to a party because you’re checking your mascara in the rear-view mirror…?

If you answered yes to one or more of the dilemmas listed, then we have news that might just be life-changing.

Malta is getting a DISCO BUS

That’s right – the world just got infinitely better. Not only can you kiss your transport-related traumas goodbye, you can also say hello to a whole new partying-tier added to your weekend for the price of… there’s nothing that’s cheap enough to compare.

The Disco Bus will be your connection between the major night-life and enertainment venues in Malta. Meaning: St. Julians, Sliema, Uno and Gianpula Village. #Sorted

Wait – how good could this actually be?

We’ll break it down for you.

1. You won’t have to drink and drive, ever

Even if you’re planning to do more than one partying venue in a night – you’re sorted. At the end of the night the only guilt feeling you’ll have will be about binge-kebab-eating.

2. No parking? no problem

You won’t have to take out a car-park loan ahead of every weekend, nor will you spend hours of your life debating whether “those faded yellow lines still count as no parking”. 

3. You’ll make new friends

When everyone in your klikka has shagged everyone else – hop onto the disco bus. 

4. Touching up your make-up will no longer be a life-or-death thing

No more swerving across lanes to apply your third layer of lipstick. No one has to die for that perfect selfie-pout. 

5. Everyone will be on your partying-level

Ever driven to a night out with a friend who’s not feeling it? Talk about killing the vibe. The disco bus is like a weekend-appreciation club – on wheels. Everyone is up for it.

All the info…

Now that you’re up to speed with why the Disco Bus is set to become an essential part of your weekend, here’s everything you need to know about catching a ride.

Bus stops

  • St Julians: San Ġiljan – Ross – Spinola
  • Sliema (the Strand): Bouverie
  • Uno (Ta’ Qali): Ħġieġ
  • Gianpula (Limits of Żebbuġ)

Journey times

Friday and Saturday

  • Departure times from San Giljan: Between 22:40 & 01:40 (every 30 minutes)
  • Departure times from Gianpula: Between 01:30 & 04:00 (every 30 minutes)


  • Departure times from San Giljan: Between 20:20 & 22:50 (every 30 minutes)
  • Departure times from Gianpula: Between 22:40 & 01:10 (every 30 minutes)


  • Cash on board the bus: €3.00
  • 12 Journey Cards: €2.50 (two trips)
  • Tallina Card: €2.50 (not included in monthly capping)
  •  Explore Card: not included
Disco Bus Info

Enjoy the ride! 

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